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  • Yeah, I've always noticed the very beginning and end of a saga re usually the best parts.

    The beginning is the most fresh, usually with a new female character introduced, new rivals, and new Pokemon, so it feels more interesting to watch.

    Then the ending is of course the leagues and when Ash's team is the most developed.

    I do think the middle of Johto, AG and DP are all where they all dragged. There's of course a lot of great episodes in the middle of the 3 arcs, but that's also where the most filler is too.
    You just started watching the anime again? I know you drifted out sometime after DP started.

    Its really odd that the show is just going to go on forever at this point. Who would have thought Ash's story would still be going after 13 years?
    I'm doing fine. I don't we've ever talked much before, but I saw you in the video games forum a few times and figured you were cool enough to recognize, so I requested you. Though, truthfully, a few other people under my Friends list are like that. ^^' I wonder if I should continue abusing the Friends function like that, or if I should stop now and end up leaving out a few respectable (but never-talked-to) members I had yet to put on there (hopefully, they won't notice).
    Heh, that's funny, I want Crocomire to be playable in the next Smash. :p (assuming there will be one)

    He could look like this as his new model.

    And yeah, I drew that.

    And this is the Crocomire devamp:

    Yeah, I tried hard 15% as well. Kraid is a beast. Not as hard as he was in the original Metroid though, I believe.

    I just recently devamped Draygon and Phantoon to look as if they were in the original. They're in my sig. Personally, I think the Draygon is meh-ish, but I like the Phantoon devamp.
    Nothing much, really. You?

    I've just been playing through Zero Mission to see my fastest time. So far it was about 55 minutes with about 82% items obtained.

    The game has a lot of replay value in my opinion.
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