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  • So, I went to the family video near my apartment to browse the game section, and amazingly, I found a copy of Metroid Prime Trilogy.

    Needless to say, my weekend's going to be great.
    Yeah, I kind of know what you mean. Some of the people there are strange.

    Well, SPPf sure does have its share of weirdos, too. ;P
    It's fine, heh. We all get that way sometimes. D: Always Smash boards, though. Do you go there?
    I figured it was going to happen sooner or later. Everyone who had been posting there regularly contributed to the problem, so we all share the blame. No one's a primary instigator.

    You defend Metroid in much the same way as I defend Sonic. We all have our franchises that we vigorously support.

    BTW, I acquired a copy of Metroid Prime a couple of months ago from a friend of mine. It's been a while since I played it last, but I think I was in the lava caverns just after I acquired the Wave Beam. I'm having a tough time actually getting back to playing the game though, I'm just not motivated.
    No More Heroes is great, especially on the Wii. The motion controls are awesome, the cut scenes are memorable and Travis is probably the coolest anti-hero ever. Apparently NMH2 is a vast improvement, but if you're ever thinking of renting it, I'd still play the original first so you understand the story. The game's all about the awesome boss fights. It's not that long a game, but it has definite replay value. But yeah, you'd be good on a debate team, I think.
    I respect you for backing up all your claims in the Brawl thread so well. You had my attention as soon as I saw your Ridley moveset, and as you can see, inspired me to do a lackluster one for myself.

    tl,dr; You rock.
    No, it's justifiable that you'd rant about it a lot. Personally, it's one of those things that I'd have to look at a lot more before saying this is a good/bad idea, but I think you know this one better.

    Also a lot of the people who say that Ridley couldn't be a playable character really are falling back on basically the same crappy argument (as you explained before). But, really, size seems to be reasonably fluid in a lot of Nintendo franchises (cf. everyone who's mentioning Bowser). So, it's not as unreasonable as I said the first few times. The argument, even if it were more reasonable, has been far too overplayed by this point.
    Yeah Pikachu's my main when I first got Brawl it use to be Toon Link
    GG man I think I got lucky with items a few times I need to get better at controlling Pikachu's FS
    Alright I'm about to turn on my wii and put in ur freind code.
    I just realized we never Brawled... wanna do it sometime tomorrow?
    Alright sure! I'm in the Eastern Timezone
    FC: 1633 6391 1952
    Ehh I don't know about the time yet how about sometime tomorrow?
    Golden Gloves are the best thing ever.

    Also, I assume Hardcore partners are a waste, since the *****es will die? That ruins any hope of Arcade chilling with you as a doctor...
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