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  • You still want these vm'd and posted on thread huh?

    Username: Dragonicwari
    Nickname (optional): Drag
    Gender (optional): Male
    Links to anything you'd like to put in the OP (up to three):
    Any other examples you'd like to show us?: I'll post when I make something (as usual)
    What kind of artist are you?: Image Editor
    Since you have asked. Now I just got neg repped, again, now for complaining about the reps which were given.
    I hope the MODs do something about it soon, because I see much people leaving it for such a small and unnecessary stuff =/
    I'm so sad because of all of this.
    I just got a neg rep on the Artist's Corner for double posting. I didn't realize that was against the rules, but the first post was art and the second was a quote. It's not my fault that it quotes things in a new reply. I don't think it was really necessary. It was an accident after all. Just thought you should know.
    Username: Hermosa Caldera
    Nickname: idk. :/
    What art you enjoy doing: Traditional, graphical design, pixel things.
    How you became interested in art: i like Naoki Urusawa and Disney.

    i am becoming an illustration student in a month or so. i might as well start acting like one. you know, start hanging around artists or at least other people interested in creating things. :]

    i suck at colours and painting.

    currently i am trying to get more control in my shoulder and elbow to get myself to stop making 'chicken scratches'. it's though. (you know when you make a line by making lots of smaller lines? it doesn't look clean and you can't make organic looking curves. it's become a bad habit of mine and i am sure i am not the only one. ;])

    when it comes to graphical design, like most of you, i only edit images; i use the pen tool for almost everything and occassionally the default round brushes or some free effect images i downloaded (i have some weird personal custom brushes too. lol). i hope i can get myself a table this year and start painting digitally.

    maybe i'll post something this afternoon, but lessee if i'm even accepted. lol.

    hey kaiserin could you add me to the club's member list?

    i don't think hermosa caldera ever got added to the list anyway, even though i got accepted (follow the quote). but i changed my name to pupintheturd so maybe just for clarity's sake you should add me.

    i didn't think this would even be neccessary but apparently me not being on this super important list warrants me getting negrepped.

    add me to the list please.
    I'd like to join the Artist's Corner!

    Username: Talonflame
    Nickname: Inky (It's my deviantArt nickname)
    What art you enjoy doing: Digital~ But I want to get more into pixel and little animated GIFs
    How you became interested in art: I saw art on the internet and thought to myself: "I wish I could draw like that..." So I just kept trying

    Thanks for considering~ :3
    I'd like to join the Artist's Corner!

    Nickname:Sailor or Sketch
    What art you enjoy doing: Graphic design , animation, and pencil drawing(both in grey-tone and color)
    How you became interested in art: I've had a long enduring love for art ever since I could hold a crayon.
    I'd like to join the Artist's Corner!

    Username: Corrosion
    Nickname: I have none.
    What art you enjoy doing: I enjoy spriting (mostly recombinations/fusions) and drawing by hand, but I don't know how to use a scanner and I don't have a tablet, so I have to make-do with a camera.
    How you became interested in art: I became interested in spriting after playing Pokemon, and I've always been a doodler.
    I'd like to join your club!

    Username: Akanjão
    Nickname: I don't reeeeally have one, tbh, but I'd like you to call Ark
    What art you enjoy doing: Banners, and stuff. Not much which I can do, it's random, tbh
    How you became interested in art:
    Well, this may anger people a bit, but I hate to give credits, haha! That text you haaaave to add on your sig... Isn't appealing to me. So, I decided I should learn myself. Specially because a friend of mine learned it all alone, so I thought I could and here am I. I am on this stuff has less than a month, sincerely, so I am still learning.
    I am also what you'd call a mimic, for now, though a really bad one, haha! My inspiration here is AnakBaé, Sworn Metalhead, Astral Shadow, Skyiomi and Extroph. My favorites are Extroph and Sworn.
    I'd like to join the Artist's Corner!

    Username: MidnightCombat
    Nickname: I guess you can call me Ash?
    What art you enjoy doing: I like painting, spriting (namely fusions and scratches), drawing (Prismacolors, charcoals, etc.). I do digital art but I lost my stylus so yeah. :/
    How you became interested in art: Hmm, I have started at a young age and just kept doodling; I am currently a third year art student and art has always been my passion.
    *Excited Hyperactive Mode, activate!* I wanna join! This is for the Artist's corner, by the way!
    Username: MedMana
    Nickname: Med, or if you like hurting you're poor fingers with extra typing, Mandrake.
    What art do you enjoy doing?: I doodle. A lot. I also enjoy several other art forms, but drawing is where I tend to stay!
    How you became interested in art: One picks up either a love or deep hate for art when you spend a couple years living with an artistic aunt. Obviously, I picked u the love despite only drawing a couple pictures that were of poor quality, even by stick figure standards.Looking back, I sure have come a long way since then!
    I got a name change. I used to be AWildMew, but I am Mew The Gato now. As per the Artist's Corner Rules, I have to tell you this, correct?
    Username: AWildMew
    Nickname: Mew
    What art you enjoy doing: Banners, userbars, link buttons, various kinds of spriting.
    How you became interested in art: Once upon a time, my elder brother was making a banner. I soon became interested in art and upon advice from a friend, started an art shop. My variety of art has grown a lot since then.
    Username: Namelesskitty
    Nickname: skitty, nameless (whatever you want so I can know it's me)
    What art you enjoy doing: Mainly banners and such, I suppose I could do some other stuff but I haven't gotten interested in it much.
    How you became interested in art: I've always respected people who can make good art (I've never been sure that mine is all that good) but as of late I've been trying to improve and I figured that input from quite a few artists who are, let's be real, much better than me could help me along.

    Hi, I'm applying for the art club!
    Hi, I rejoined The Artist's Corner last night.
    Here's my application.

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