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  • I know I joined this a while back but I neglected my membership and was thusly removed from the member list, so I'd like to rejoin. :)

    I'd like to join the Artist's Corner!

    Username: Chapter of Charizard
    Nickname: Chapter
    What art you enjoy doing: I love to draw with pencil, sharpies (on plastic vinyl) computer graphics, cartoon, anime... that's probably my favorite stuff.
    How you became interested in art: I have been drawing forever, but got interested in computer graphics just about 1 year ago, so I figured that I'd join now that I'm a bit more talented.

    I hope I see everyone here a lot more often :]

    I'd like to join the Artist's Corner!

    Username: WatertypesFTW
    Nickname: Water is fine.
    What art you enjoy doing: A few traditional media's, particularly watercolours and pencil crayons.
    How you became interested in art: I've always loved drawing ever since I was five and drew pictures of people with pig hands. I've improved since then.

    Thank you very much!~
    Hi! I'm a member of the artists club and I just wanted to let you know that I'm active again, and I'm getting my username changed to Savanny Killersaurus soon. Thanks!
    left you a pm hope you understand i didn't want to post in club starting up anyone again cuaz i believe i didn't do nothing wrong i was just cleaning the air for the club about me...

    What art you enjoy doing:Drawing,Digital
    How you became interested in art: I became interested when I saw Pokemon fan art over the internet and said "Hey I would like to try this! This looks cool!"

    I'd like to join the Artist's Corner!

    Username: GoldenHouou
    Nickname: GH
    What art you enjoy doing: Traditional and digital both, though lately I've mostly been doing digital stuff because editing a piece later on is so very easy.
    How you became interested in art: I wanted to draw porn. Always wanted to be able to draw ever since I was a kid. Then one day I was bored out of my wits and figured I'd never be good if I didn't start to practice. The rest is history.
    Kaiserin, InsaneDragonite sent me this about the club:
    [IMG] [IMG]
    I tried telling him to stay patient and to wait but he felt like they didn't care.
    Hey my name is Tufele and I would like to join the artist corner club!

    I'd like to join the Artist's Corner!

    Username: King Buba
    Nickname: ahh ^^
    What art you enjoy doing: Sketching, painting and starting to get into digital (I'm terrible at it but you have to start somewhere!)
    How you became interested in art: Family, boredom, anime, manga and games! :D

    Thanks! ^.^
    I would like to join your club =]

    Username: Mi10ticFan (soon to be Illusione-Tempus)
    Nickname: ...idk, help me decide? .w.
    What art you enjoy doing: I like drawing, both digitally and traditionally. Most of the things I upload are digital stuff though, but tell me if you want to see some traditional stuff.
    How you became interested in art: I've been interested since I was small. During the 7th grade, I picked up spriting. When I was at the 8th grade, I decided to try drawing Pokemon, but unlike how people trace/copy in order to start drawing, I studied how their designs looks like, and most of my art are drawn by scratch. By the 9th grade, I decided to do manga style, but I never drawn fan art that time. Most of them were complete originals, the rest are Pokemon-related.

    If anyone wants to see any of my art, you may check out my old deviantart at Thunder-Milotic. I already got a new one, but I haven't uploaded anything yet .w."
    I added a request for your totally awesome club :D

    Username: Dragoniss
    Nickname: Sam
    What art you enjoy doing: Lots of art. I do Digital mostly, I still do some traditional, I write, do a little bit of 3D maya stuff, a bit of Graphic Design and i'm hoping to get into video editing.
    How you became interested in art: I started drawing when I was in 4th grade. I always loved doodling. It wasn't until I got into the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom that I really started to try improving myself as an artist. I tried to copy that art style cause it was so easy and simple to do. From then on i've strived to improve my art skills and find my own style that i'm still trying to find. I'm now attending school going for a Comic and Sequential Art major. I want to work on Comic Books or Manga, I also have an interest in doing anime, Graphics Design and concept art for video games. I also do a little bit of work in Maya. If you'd like my Comic, Story, FanFiction and Deviantart and in my sig, if you'd like to see some of my work.
    Hey there. ^.^ I was hoping I might be able to join your ossum club.

    Username: Doodles
    Nickname: Doodle (singular, that's what I go by on Twitter, but it was taken on Serebii. ;-;)
    What art you enjoy doing: I really like banner/avatar style graphic design in Photoshop, GIMP (that's the one I'm most familiar with), Sketchbook, really all of the image manipulation programs.
    How you became interested in art: Hmm that's a tough one. I didn't grow up doing much drawing, and when I did I was the one that colored outside the lines. In the past couple years I've picked up the pencil on various occasions and tried to draw fan art for my favorite anime characters, but I always get so frustrated with the fact that I spend much more time erasing than I do actually drawing. However I've been on tons of forums in the past, and just being around the graphic design community must've sparked my interest in doing it too. I started on really elementary stuff on GIMP and worked my way up (not too far yet xD).
    Username: Navarch
    Nickname: Nick/Navarch
    What art you enjoy doing: Drawing
    How you became interested in art: In 3rd Grade a started to draw Pokemon. Ever since then I loved it. Now I really only draw people, sometimes Animals.
    Username: kyogreblue3
    Nickname: KB3
    What art you enjoy doing: I enjoy doing both traditional art and graphics ^^
    How you became interested in art: I've been drawing since I was little, but I don't really remember how I first got into it. Maybe I just drew something and liked how it turned out? XD Idk really, but naturally, since I enjoyed drawing, I got into making graphics a while after.

    ^ that's my application into the Art Club :)
    I'd like to join the Artist's Corner!

    Username: Cobali
    Nickname: Anything that deals with Cobalion :P (the names are in my bio, but mostly anything with Cobalion <.<''')
    What art you enjoy doing: Hmm.... I am useless, for any kinds of art... but Ceramics, clay, and... well, drawings pretty much. ;^; I'm ashamed... *Sits in corner*
    How you became interested in art: Idk, I just seemed to strike me once I hit High School.

    Here's some recent drawings of mine, if you need further detail.... ask me.:


    I do hope I'm accepted .. I feel like I love art, and I wanna express it
    Here thy are.
    I'd like to join the Artist's Corner!

    Username: Infernape77
    Nickname: Infer or Infernape
    What art you enjoy doing: Drawing, both traditional and digital. I find sketching and drawing traditionally is far more easier than digitally(as I use mouse to draw/don't have tablet), but it's easier to color my drawing digitally(I hate coloring traditional drawings xP). I can draw some stuff, mainly Pokemon, Digimon and Fakemon. I suck at drawing human, but I'm still trying to draw them. As for stuffs like sprites, banner, avatar, userbar, etc., I'm not really good at them with my limited experinces on Photoshop x.x
    How you became interested in art: Ehm... I don't really remember :p I love doodling since I was still a kindergartner, and my doodles were getting better when I'm a second grader. I want to post my stuff on the internet, but since my scanner is a total derp and I can't post my traditional arts, I tried drawing digitally on Paint, and then PaintTool SAI xD

    I also have deviantart account, with the same username, link in my sig C:
    Eep, I forgot to send the sign up via VM xD
    Wow I didn't know this existed, weeping.

    I'd like to join the Artist's Corner!

    Username: SpyroxPikachu
    Nickname: I usually go by Mumfork.
    What art you enjoy doing: Digital, Traditional, I quite like art.
    How you became interested in art: It was probably just, finding DeviantART and seeing lots of cool artists and wanting to draw like them

    Art club sign up~
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