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    Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod, another art club.

    I'd like to join the Artist's Corner!

    Username: Kelz
    Nickname: Kelz
    What art you enjoy doing: Graphics art (primarily banners, but I've been trying to expand).
    How you became interested in art: Uh... I don't know actually... I guess because I though it looked fun.

    Here's some of my more recent stuff:
    [IMG] [IMG]

    Signed up for the art club. :D
    As bad as it all looks, I was actually surprisingly calm about the whole thing. What's more is that during the first 2 weeks, I kinda had this oddly positive attitude. Where it came from and where it went, I have no idea. D:

    Yeah, sometime after posting that I was like "...weren't some people mentioning something about another place called Dreamwidth?" I actually had stopped going regularly on there a good while before that. Anyways, here's my fb: http://www.facebook.com/marius.dewworth The name is just something I came up with when I was designing a pokesona for myself. x:

    Good girl~
    Haha, yeah. While I feel it didn't seem as bad for me as it apparently was for others that have gone through it, it's still not a very nice experience. I couldn't keep anything down for like 5 or 6 days. Getting up was quite a challenge not only because I couldn't clench my stomach at all (which meant yawning, burping, laughing and hiccups = bad), but I had a drain hanging out that I needed to be careful with (as I learned the first few hours, since I got up on my own and made it to a nearby chair, and in that effort, it sprung a leak). I got stuck with needles on 14 different instances (2 IV lines, 8 blood draws and 4 shots in the stomach). The worst part of it was the last day, when the drain was removed -- it was yanked out, which was like 6 inches to pull out. Totally not fun.

    I see. Well, keep on keepin' on. Ain't nothin' gonna stop the Qu-kie, 'mirite? :3 Just be careful not to overwork yourself.

    Oh, and seeing as I've pretty much given up on my LJ ages ago, and I don't really do all that much on dA (even though I go on there quite a bit), I can link you to my facebook and twitter accounts if you'd like.
    So long that I've completely lost count. D8 I guess I kinda dropped off after my account got deleted and I had to re-reg and all. But aside from spending 6 days in the hospital, and a month recovering from a burst appendix in early October, I've been good~ How are things for you? :3
    sorry thats not what i meant i reposted my last post i did quit the club like two days ago not sure if you noticed...
    EXACTLY. I think I just have a thing for crazily multishipping the cute loli protags more though (Dawn, Lyra, Rosa). XD
    I do what I can.

    The petulance, the whining, the overentitlement and the lack of common sense that permeates certain discussion topics here really is something, isn't it?
    I really love how every time Smogon or someone from it comes up, the topic immediately goes to how elitist and arrogant and snobbish they are. It's cute. Not to mention how suddenly it's suspicious that a reigning champion can hold his title three years straight.

    For crying out loud, relax, guys. The more you gripe and moan about how stuck-up Smogon is, the more furiously butthurt you look in the process. It's not impossible for someone to win a world championship video game tournament three years in a row -- it may not be the Olympics, but unless you can come up with more reasons it's "suspicious", you're full of ****.
    I'd like to applaud you on this post.
    Well i mean like you have the same name as in the chat and you told me in the chat your name was Kaiserin on the forums
    It's one thing if, say, you gave your main character a shiny Pokemon (or you want the main character to be a shiny Pokemon, in some cases) and intend to use the fact it is colored differently as a plot point or the root of some personality traits and conflicts, but quite another if you just want to illustrate how ~unique~ your protagonist is.
    Just wanted to let you know I thought this and the rest of your post was very well-said, and you rather hit the nail on the head here. :>
    I see that you're a shipper. I'm a shipper, too, but I only ship my Pokemon X Sonic the Hedgehog crossovers =D! Want me to tell you about them?
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