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Last Activity:
Aug 16, 2011
Jul 6, 2004
Likes Received:
Jul 25, 1989 (Age: 31)

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Polynesian*, 31

Kaiviti was last seen:
Aug 16, 2011
    1. IGP: Net Wanderer
      IGP: Net Wanderer
      lol, I'm so surprised! XD

      I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too! ; )
    2. IGP: Net Wanderer
      IGP: Net Wanderer
      Hi, it has been a while : )

      Sorry I didn't reply back then since I don't come on Serebii anymore, or not as much.
      If you do come on, I hope you receive this reply.

      Well, if I see you around, I'll be sure to say hi! : )
      Take care!
    3. ~Mist~
      Oh wow, I haven't replied in forever. ;___; I'll PM you my real MSN becauswe the one on this site is fake since people seem to like randomly adding me D:

      Oh, that's so cool! That sounds like an interesting field to take on. :3

      Aww, that stinks. ;o; I barely do anything creative, too. When you get older, everything gets in the way. It was so different back when we were young. xD

      Same! I barely watched the Diamond & Pearl season 'cause it doesn't interest me and also because I can't get over the awful new voices. I'm dying to see something Pokeshippy come up so we await for Misty's next cameo~

      Aww, you too! We'll stay in touch! <3
    4. Kaiviti
      yeaaaah it feels soo weird!!! lol

      we must be getting old i guess XD
      wow travel....thats sooo cool ^___^ me...well...i want to study international relations and diplomacy :) wouldnt mind becoming a diplomat when im older :)

      yeaaaaah...you know i was seriously wondering what happened to everyone...but its sooo awesome to be in contact with you again...i shall add you to my msn lol

      sighs* i wanna start drawing again...however with work and everything...i dont have much time :(

      aaaaah i really hope something happens with pokeshipping lol...i really wanna see something with ash and misty...and i havent watched pokemon for like 4 years now O__o or maybe more lol

      okie dokie

      take care okies :)

      keep intouch ;)
    5. ~Mist~
      I know! It feels so weird. XD

      Thankies, you too!! I'll be studying the field of travel. :'D Possibly will give history a go, too. What about you?

      Aww, that so sucks. DDDD: I hate it when my stuff gets deleted, too. Maybe give it another go sometime? :O

      Same! I was losing hope to hear from us old-timers. xD

      Pokeshipping is still the same as always where we would like to shoot the writers so we can get something. The most recent Pokeshippy thing I remember is Ash having Misty's lure and not wanting to share it with Dawn. It's so funny. XD

      Sure! Definitely will! =D
    6. ~Mist~
      That's great to hear! As for me, I'm working and busy finding unis to transfer into. :3

      I managed to find this where it has all your old threads but none of the arts show up whenever I go into the threads. ;___; Maybe your Photobucket has them or something? :O
    7. ~Mist~
      omg, it's been so long!! KAIVITI!! ^^ It's great to hear from ya again!! =D

      I've been well, thanks! =D What have you been up to all this time? :3
    8. Kaiviti

      just saying thank you for the bday wishes from last year lol X__X
      i havent been on serebii since 2006 lol

      well you take care and thank you again

    9. Tanosis
      happpy b-day!!!!!!!
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    Jul 25, 1989 (Age: 31)
    I'm a normal, happy going, Disney fanatic, Pokeshipping person :)