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  • Hey, sorry to see you leaving, I know how you feel, some of the mods here can be... well I don't know how to say it
    If you are fed up with the complete lack of respect for members on this forum due to ridiculous reasons such as not having the same opinion as certain members, and feel that like it was supposed to be, this forum should be a place where people can express their opinions in a safe, peaceful enviroment, add this to your signature, it's time for a change. Started by Kakashi-Sharingan-Warrior
    You know you spelled your name wrong in this copypasta sig, right?
    KSW, I want to ask about your sig. Its not that I dont believe you when you say that there is more favoritism towards other members, but can I have an example? Perhaps you could explain it to me?
    What server do you generally go on for netbattle for doubles? I'm still new to it and all after being shoddified.
    Hi, I'm the owner of Pokemon U.K. and Purple Mew has kindly added the monthly update onto the Pokemon UK group, please comment and discuss!
    Why America of course. :3 Damn you and your British ways, I just have not cards of equal value.
    : ( I want your E-Tele, not because I need it, just because its shiny and I dont have it...Same with Cyber Valley.
    Hey just thought i would send you a message, we seem to have a few things in common.

    My birthday is January 21st, i love murder mystery especially murder she wrote, my favourite pokemon is Snover.
    the name is jap. egekikan its the right trainer card number, says movie o7 and 08, has the right movesets, how more real cud it be? >_<
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