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  • hello you requested in my thread awhile back ago as a free giveaway about a eevee ha do you still need it? I not sure if i have a female but if i do ill give it to you as requested in my bank boxes if its not would you still want a male?
    My son used to play he lost interest in Pokémon about 5 years ago.
    Now he likes online multi player and first person shooter games.

    I enjoy both the originals and the remakes. I don't really compared them to each other.
    To me, they're separate games.

    I mean the friend safaris kept my interest for close to a whole year. I feel like they have more variety. I'm already loosing interest in the Mirage Spots.
    Your inbox is full.

    Thanks for trying to get modest nature, but any nature that doesn't reduce attack, special attack or speed (to make things easier) is fine. really appreciate the effort[/QUOTE]

    I just got a Lonley Attack increased. Defense Decreased. According to the Judge 31/x/31/x/31/x
    What would you like me to do?
    oh and i am sorry, but i wasnt able to put pokerus on them.
    I can, though give pokerus to ya on another pokemon!
    Thanks a lot. You really helped me out here. You too enjoy what you got.

    Hope to keep in touch. ;)
    Ok, got it. I checked Eduardo. He's 6IV. Guess I don't have to send it back, eh? I will just send you what you want. So just send me my shiny and Diancie. XD
    I just pmed you back lol
    Ok, so lets do it. Don't be afraid, I am not gonna wrong you.

    And you gotta clear some space, lol, that is why I had to pm you here.
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