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Kall El
Last Activity:
Oct 27, 2017
Apr 18, 2012
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Kall El

..Silence.., from Alola

Kall El was last seen:
Oct 27, 2017
    1. Grei
      I beat it probably half a week ago. I just started looking into the Friend Safari, and would love to swap Friend Codes! Do we have to both be online, or can they simply be typed into the friend list?
    2. Kibik
      i added you back.
      krabby, floatzel, and frogadier.
    3. ZoRk
      And btw you still didn't add me :(
    4. ZoRk
      It won't let me to only type "Added" because i must type 10 chars per message and i only wanted to type "Added" so i added "10chars" so the message will get posted ^^

      Its a common thing pepole do.
    5. zozo
      All right, I'll go add you back! ^^
    6. Grei
      Mostly the fact that Yveltal was on the cover. I never use the cover legendaries, but I pick as if I'm going to. Dark/Dragon sounded cooler than Xerneas at the time. (Though now I'm in love with the Fairy type and so I would love to have a Xerneas.)

      Agreed. Totally my favorite. I restarted my game a week or so ago (having transferred a ton of my old Pokemon, all holding Mega Stones, to my friend's game) and it's a million times better, for me, the second time. Part of it was that my Chespin had a horrible Attack IV and an Attack-lowering nature (so he was really hard to use), so I picked Chespin again and do not regret it. Playing a second time allowed me plan out my team a little more, and the experience feels more complete this time around. I'm also taking my time with it--I think it's better to do that.

      Oh god. I haven't been on the forums since then either. I was so bitter about B2W2 once we found everything out about it that I stopped wanting to come here... and I forgot about all of that speculation up until now! I never did play those games... I assume you didn't either, if you stopped coming here?
    7. ZoRk
      Added 10chars
    8. ZoRk
      For safari or what ?
    9. Ver-mont
      Sorry I took so long to answer

      Nevermind, I finally got that stone. Now I have both 'zards, I'm beyond happy haha

      I'll help you, of course. And you can help me with trade evolutions too.

      I love Arcanine too, I'd like to get one. I found a Ninetales, it looks so elegant and powerful. And it even had Drought, I caught it right away.
      (yep, finally got to Kiloude haha)
    10. Sagte
      I added you too, :)
    11. Räven Velish
      Räven Velish
      I'm not a competitive battler. I just battle with my friends to see if I'm better than them. :P I don't care about EVs and all that crap.

      Yeah. The way I choose my game is that I look at what cover looks cooler, then get that version. My brother gets stuck with the other one. XD

      Same here. I used it in Diamond to evolve my Rhydon back when I couldn't trade with anyone. Now I just went on so I could see if Hoopa was real or not. Lol

      I would love that... but even better would be to drag around your Growlithe on a leash. :D

      I want to evolve my stupid Sneasel so bad. :/
    12. Grei
      Hello! I've been well. College has been rather hectic, but I'm making time for Pokemon Y, and I'm loving it. :) You playing?
    13. Räven Velish
      Räven Velish
      No! Really? I'm right before the 6th gym! We should battle sometime!

      I catch pretty much anything since my Absol has False Swipe. :P

      Y. Though my little brother has X, so technically, I kind of own both.
      Yvetal is like a demon chicken. All will bow down to the demon chicken.
    14. Ver-mont
      In fact, it does remind me a little of those from the Charific Valley too.
      I did! I was so happy when it evolved, I'll always have a big spot for Charizard in my Pokémon fan heart haha

      It's awesome! They look so powerful.

      That happens a lot! I liked how GF gave all of them unique animations and such. It makes them feel so much more alive than in previous generations.

      It's hard to choose for me too. I loved this generation! I had more of a mixed feeling about the Unova newcomers, but this time I definitely loved them.

      Thank you in advance! haha
      I can try to get you a Squirtle in return for the stone if you want, my cousin has picked one. If I borrow it, I can breed one for you.
    15. Ver-mont
      I like to take my time when playing Pokémon haha
      I've seen a lot of people using Squirtle, indeed. I chose Charmander because it was my first starter, so I couldn't resist the nostalgia.
      You liked Y better? I loved both of them, a lot. Ironically, on a side note, I think Y looks more like a dragon than X (it looks bigger, slimmer, with giant dragon wings...)

      The graphics impressed me a lot too, even because I don't think they looked this good in the promotional material. It's always better when you have the game on hand, right?
      I do like the abundance of Pokémon too. I loved what they did with the Kalos Dex, even though we don't have as many new Pokémon this time.

      Yes! I spent some time looking at that nice view in Coumarine haha
      There's something similar in Route 8, you can see a bit of Cyllage City down there, even the Gym's entrance.

      I have a lot of Pokémon rotating in my party too, and I agree with you. It's so much more fun when you have a lot of options, a lot of Pokémon that play very differently.
      I swear I feel like a kid, or Ash haha All the time I'm "Ohhh, it's a [insert Pokémon here]! I hadn't seen it in Kalos yet!" and a lot of this times I end up catching said Pokémon.

      I really, really want the Charizardite X. I'd really appreciate a lot it if you could help me getting one.
    16. Ver-mont
      I'm the same as you, still didn't get past the fourth Gym haha
      I'm playing very slowly, even because I'm catching 'em all (and I want the game to last as much as possible)

      I'm playing Y. What Kanto starter did you choose? (I'm kinda desperate for a Charizardite X so I can have both 'zards)
    17. Räven Velish
      Räven Velish
      Great! I've already beat it once with Froakie and Charizard, so I'm giving Delphox a chance. On my last game, I crushed everything in pretty much 3 days. But now I'm taking it slow, grinding in the Battle Chatue, catching tons of Pokemon, and buying clothes XD.
    18. Ver-mont
      So, are you playing X/Y?
    19. Räven Velish
      Räven Velish
      I know, right?! Anyway, noticed you had the same avatar as before. :D
    20. Räven Velish
      Räven Velish
      Hey, long time, no see.
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