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  • At the end they said something like "Let's continue working on Pokemon!" or something similar
    Slugma - it was an egg from Primo. I wanted a male, but I got female, and I got so mad I released it. Since I screwed up, I am going to restart the game again. :(
    Oh, cool.
    I don't exactly rotate, but in post-game, my team changes a lot. In-game it barely changes. I actually might use a rotational one, though.
    Hate Milktank! Since you are in Goldenrod City, are you using the Eevee?
    Where did you catch Pineco?
    Also, whats your team so far? Mine is Butterfree, Crocanaw, Bellosom, Jolteon, Natu, and Growlithe. I am in Goldenrod City, but I don't play the game a lot since I don't have much time. But I will have a lot by Wednesday when summer vacation starts!

    I am excited too!!!!!!! :)
    Decided not to use him.
    I was going to use Mareep, until I wanted to use Jolteon. :]
    Unown's legendary status got disputed in Johto since you could get multiple of them.

    - Simisage is my favorite. I hate Simipour and Simisear because of their designs.
    Seviper is in B2W2. I also feel sorry for the Seviper, though. :)

    Sorry for being late at posting, I think it already was released. :p
    I was wondering if you would like to see what my Pokemon Version Game Teams are in a PM because I would really like to show you :)
    When the scans come, I'll read them because the waiting is killing me, bleh, I don't care about spoilers anymore, I just want some pics, haha. :p:p
    did you see my title? I changed it a little see

    I made up this title for if I was a gym leader

    Ducklett12: Ghost type 8th Gym Leader Region: Sinnoh
    "The Pokemon Breeder with a Ghostly passion that cares and gives for Pokemon"
    Rotom (Frost form)
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