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Recent content by KalloFox34

  1. KalloFox34

    What phone do you have?

    I currently have a refurbished iPhone XR. Good stuff.
  2. KalloFox34

    Most annoying regional layouts in any game?

    Yeah. The originals were probably the worst because you had to go to the top of the department store to a vending machine and buy it yourself. The game never tells you about the vending machines. FRLG made it less aggravating, but it still gives the player no indication of where to go.
  3. KalloFox34

    Why exactly are evasive moves despised so much?

    I don't want to sit there for 12 hours try to hit the opponent.
  4. KalloFox34

    The Creation Trio

    Giratina is the coolest one IMO, especially the Origin Forme.
  5. KalloFox34

    What Sinnoh Starter did you choose?

    Piplup was the first starter I ever used (mostly because of the anime), but in every subsequent playthrough I’ve picked Chimchar.
  6. KalloFox34

    Favourite Sinnoh Gym Leader?

    Roark and Gardenia are both pretty good-looking.
  7. KalloFox34

    HELP! Every Pokémon has Timid Nature

    Do you have an Alakazam or Gardevoir or something in the front of your party?
  8. KalloFox34

    Do You Like Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?

    I do prefer the originals (and especially Platinum), but BDSP are still decent. It’s on the weaker end of mainline Pokémon games, but at least it’s better than Gens 3 and 7.
  9. KalloFox34

    Most annoying regional layouts in any game?

    I mean, out of every post-Unova region, at least Kalos was okay. I just feel that Unova’s the most linear region, though most of Galar isn’t much better.
  10. KalloFox34

    Most annoying regional layouts in any game?

    Hoenn’s layout was garbage. The last quarter of the game is literally just surfing for three hours to get to where you need to go. Unova also has a very lazy, ultra-linear layout. This came immediately after the best, most thought-out region.
  11. KalloFox34

    Things that grind your gears!

    When I’m trying to catch a Pokémon and it does somehow. Just this morning, I was in the underground and I found a Cacnea. My Roserade used Giga Drain and scored a critical hit against it (wishing to be praised, no less).
  12. KalloFox34

    What exactly is the cause of the frequent negativity in the Pokémon fandom?

    Game Freak doesn’t put in exactly what fans want, they cause an uproar, Game Freak appeals to those fans, another sector of the fandom causes another uproar, rinse and repeat.
  13. KalloFox34

    Can a Ditto talk if it’s transformed into a human?

    We know that Ditto transform into a perfect copy of whatever it’s impersonating. That would also mean it replicates the tongue and vocal cords of a human, right? Can it talk?
  14. KalloFox34

    Unpopular Pokemon opinions V2 (READ FIRST POST)

    I agree. I think Vanilluxe is actually really adorable.
  15. KalloFox34

    What city or town would you live in?

    I write a fanfiction series set in Goldenrod City, so I'd say I'd go there.