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  • Hello my friend ^_^

    Are you playing the new pokemon games right now? I'm getting my copy for christmas.
    Yeah, i'm close to 30 years old lol.

    Most of my more major crushes before korrina were male too xD; (doesn't make me love her any less, though <3)
    Oh alright :3 Sounds fine by me.

    Whats some games besides pokemon that you also play? I like cute games in general, with a weak spot for two i own with hello kitty in them^^
    Yeah I am! :D I'm getting ultra moon, as a change from my getting sun version last time ^_^ it'll be fun to get lunala now. Which one are you getting?
    I'm bi! I like both males AND females! But, lately, females more. My latest crush on a male relates too much to scary memories for me, and korrina seems to help me a lot emotionally or at least makes me want to push myself to better myself more :)

    She's my only crush right now.

    I'm female btw although you may of already figured it out by my name XD
    She's in my avatar and she's a gym leader and her name starts with a k and i have a crush on her xD
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