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  • Wha

    It's a joke
    in response to all that Sorry Lunala stuff that happened recently

    Wasn't expecting you to confess your wrongdoings mate lmao
    I thought Xurkitree was going to be the only one that I would have trouble with but Guzzlord was a pain too. Granted, my Pokemon weren't exactly sturdy but Thrash kept hurting my teammates. And yeah I like Celesteela too! It was hard figuring out the natures I wanted because it's so versatile in battle but I settled with Sassy and Quiet in the end!

    Yeah I'll try to get to that! Happy New Year!
    Xurkitree was a pain to catch as I had to use my Toucannon as bait, switch to Kommo-o to deal some damage, switch to my Synchronize Espeon/Alakazam, and hoping that the Beast Ball worked. .__. And yes Pheromosa is pretty fantastic despite its small movepool! It helped me in the Battle Tree a lot!

    And that I did!
    Thank you!

    And yeah I think you'll like the Ultra Beasts for sure! I just love their stat distributions!
    [the adult fanbase in Pokemon is one that is very untapped - many of the adult fans of Pokemon, like us, have been with the franchise since they were kids, and so, an anime spin-off made for the older audience would be a nice way to tap into that market]
    I actually had Tsareena as my temporary sixth member before swapping it out for Hackamo-o (which quickly evolved afterwards). Thanks to the new feature that allowed you to swap caught Pokemon in your team if it was full, I had a blast rotating Pokemon! It was pretty hard choosing a sixth member because I really love the Sun/Moon Pokemon a lot!
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