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I have left Serebiiforums. This is not a ragequit nor a sudden decision, it has been planned for months. Before making the decision, I had been thinking about leaving the forums for over a year. The main reason is that I have lost interest in the forums, this place isn't fun anymore and I can't find any reason to stay here. Looking back, I haven't been interested in these forums for a long while, yet I still stayed for much longer than I should. I have decided that it is time to move on with my life. These forums were part of my life for a very long time, but there is an end to everything and my activity on the forums have ended here. I am still interested in Pokemon, but I am simply not interested in the forums anymore. Do not expect me to ever return, because I won't.

Thanks for all the fun and good times everyone, and I apologize.
Favourite Pokémon


September Blue, Thy sorrows be forgotten
October Auburn, Let this season pass
November Gray, Restore with thy rain
December White, Thy beauty ever last​