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  • I love how our ingame teams for Sun/Moon are almost identical! Only thing different is that you used Mudsdale and Tsareena while I used Ribombee and Midnight Lycanroc. :p
    Indeed. Even thinking of the answers to riddles bother me since I might guess the answer correctly and thus the surprise is ruined lol.

    After hearing that, I still haven't gotten all the legendaries sans Zekrom in my Alpha Sapphire. I should really get to that. .__.
    Yeah I agree about the whole dilemma about the demo datamining. Really hoping Gamefreak doesn't put 90% of the coding in the games. There's even some Chinese riddler apparently giving out riddles on what Pokemon might look like and he's been right on a few things I think. Other than that yes I'm excited for Sun/Moon! I'm going to finally preorder Moon next Saturday when I get Volcanion!
    And you're my 200th friend! What do you think of the Sun/Moon stuff we have gotten throughout the months?
    Hello fellow face-offer, I just wanted to let you know that we recently started a new round in the Alola Pokémon Face-Off, and I would love if you'd start voting in there again. I'm super pumped for all of the Sun/Moon Pokémon, and therefore I am super pumped about this face-off. xD
    Yeah, I remember late in 06, Pure and Illegible were trying to compete to see who could get their names on the most Face-Offs. They promised the moon to Wig at one point. He may have asked if he got cheese from it.
    We did a bit of human geography in some of my trade classes, really cool stuff. Physical geography is starting to get incorporated too, good predictor of where a city will show up. We're looking to do GIS stuff in my new job. I do housing market and demographic analysis for small cities in Western and Arctic Canada. I may actually get to cross the Arctic Circle this year. I'll tell you how endless night is.
    Econ is definitely a passion thing. I like aifting theough models and maeket systems, so I fit right in.
    True, I really do miss the ones that don't post any more. Jolt/Wig always had a way to get a laugh going, especially when him and Angel used to get going. Agent and Xi/SA/Pure were both fun to tall to as well, especially during their rivalry.

    What sort of geography did you do? I've heard that oil companies like geography students. Did you do any GIS stuff?
    Economics is really fun, at its core its about modelling how poeple make choices with scarce resources. Although I specialized in Macroeconomics, where we model things like GDP, housing, investment etc.
    I'm must not used to the heat yet. I survived in Tokyo during the summer, so I'll do well enough here. I do love Canada, but snow outsatys its welcome. If you ever get a chance, check out Toronto and Ottawa, great cities. You were from Scandinavia, correct?

    True, Hype is a weird thing though. I remember that the Gen V hype wasn't that big. Perhaps its due to a feeling that Gen III and VI outstayed their welcome a bit. Although its surprising, as we never got a Z.
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