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  • Yeah it's disappointing that only four votes have been received at the moment; I'll see what I can do in terms of advertising.
    Well it's really nice to know that you don't need Pshop to make insanely great banners :D Pshop is more advanced than GIMP though but I agree that's it way more user friendly in GIMP. Thanks for the good luck :)
    Wow your banners are intense stuff... what program do you use? I'm guessing Pshop :p
    I've been making banners for a couple months now and I use GIMP, but sometimes I use Pshop on the computer in my school. Also you're joining that Monthly contest right? Well good luck to you :)
    blaming me for my brother's mistakes is only half the problem. she then yelled at me for 2 hours straight at 1:00 in the morning.
    thank you I can't trade this week my mom took away both my ds and my xbox when my brother left the back door open for 2-4 hours costing my mom $250 worth of oil. how she expects me to control that reckless idiot is beyound me.
    Hey Kamajama hows it going? I'm fine. I've just been busy playing Blazblue and MW3. Did I trade you a female dw poliwag? If I did could you please breed me one (a dw female.) I accidently released my last female (I got it mixed up with a male that had a bad nature but good IVs.)
    No worries :) Seriously, please make sure you stick around, because starting in February we're starting Monthly Banner Contests in the Digital Media section (and you're the first non-mod to find out haha) and honestly I think you have a good chance of winning a whole lot of them. :D
    same old story. computer brakes down brother whines, mom yells, they get me involved, mom blames me for turning up the heat when I didn't(and I have only done it once by accident), it snowballs into an all out war between my mom and brother until he goes to school. Now we need a new house computer or we have to bring one to the a repair shop.
    Could just have been bad luck(A trick to get around the ditto problem is to breed ditto with another pokemon and pass the IVs down to it you should use a power item to pass the best IVs and hope for the others to pass down, then you breed the new pokemon with the dw female.) Its fine I got all the lapras and Solosis I need(Solosis is the same as lapras for the IVs on but only on 2 pokemon and none have max speed which is useless.)
    Sure I'll trade for it. Oh and the Lapras you traded me had no good IVs on it but I corrected that by breeding a few. I now have several with a variety of max IVs(I have one with max HP/atk/s.atk, another with max HP,/def/s.atk(not completly sure on this one), another with max s.atk,/s.def and the last one only has speed.)(my Wartortle has max HP/def/s.atk so it made it easy.)
    tell me if you need anything(I well soon add a female smeagle to my collection(its illegal in all tier(including ubers) because of moody!!!!!!!!))
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