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  • Pokedex 3D is just that, a massively detailed Pokedex of perhaps future RPG 3D models.

    But there's a lot more to the 3DS than just that. :x
    I'm actually in a similar situation. Even after getting a 3DS I'm only marginally a bit better.

    But, likewise.
    Yeah same here, I think both of them should get a nice role. I liked May a lot, but I do think Dento and Iris are better X3 so THEY should. I mean, for Dawn she a least had a pretty large role in every movie.
    It doesn't bother me as much as it did. Probably because I really like the characters right now though ^^; plus my game BW hype is pretty much gone =/
    XDD YES HE CAN XD Yeah it is, apparently on June 30 :D I think that it's great that it's finally airing XD
    XD It's ok! =) No need to apologize.
    I had a problem with Dawn because I felt they sort of singled her out from the past girls ^^; That's true...I didn't think her friendship with Ash was bad, it was more...I couldn't quite grasp her personality that bugged me. Honestly I can only grasp TRio and Dento/Iris's personalities just fine...heck I could even grasp Piplup's even though he annoyed me to no end XD Nimbasa will be in episode 41 I believe...it doesn't bug me that much because I gave up with Gym Battles so I don't really care XD I actually like most of the fillers...and even though a capture I really disliked the Roggenrola one >.> they took out my fun in the episode by airing the part where Dento cried over his spilled food on Pokemon Smash AND put it up on Youtube this time >.> but it was a pretty boring episode anyways. Yeah that's true ^^; I just tell myself that this is the anime so I lowered my expectations for Best Wishes. I like how it's different from the rest at least, the only thing bugging me right now is Ash.
    LOL It can talk because it would be VERY boring with just hearing it go "Shei mi, mi mi Shei" XDD I mean people pay to watch that in Japan...so it doesn't surprise me lol. o.o Do any Pokemon talk in the games?
    Yeah, I read that XDD That's no longer bothering me XD What's bothering me now is everyone saying how Dento and Iris is a Gary/Mary Sue. UGH Fandom why can't you like anything?! T~T
    (lol it is weird isn't it?)
    Yush it is :3 some people say it doesn't...but honestly I think it's just the h8terz...I remember seeing in Kokoro no Fanfare at how outgoing and cheerful it was it just always seemed happy X3 That's because most of them were rehashes >.> I think BW is a new start in their ways of writing (well that's what I believe and it's held me over for a while now XD)
    YES MORE!! That's why I watch the show ^^; I've given up with the battling and such...
    =o oh you should watch it when you get a chance XD It WAS funny because of him...he makes things seem soo dramatic. His lure was cute :3 It reminded me of Misty's first lure...but I think Dento is the better fisherman lol.
    My main problem during DP was Dawn and Piplup...really I don't know why I didn't like them I just didn't like how they were treated like Ash's equal when the show was about Ash ^^; I don't have a problem with the show's length, it goes a bit faster (though the gap is a bit annoying right now, but it's great they're taking the time to show Iris/Dento a bit more, so that's good). After DP I wanted a new cast, a new way of writing etc. it seems better to me right now, but I said it was better since the previews ^^; before I saw Dento and Iris I GAVE UP with the anime. I said that's it, I'm not watching it anymore >.> well I stuck to that good I see. That was the closest I ever came to quitting it...but Iris and Dento dragged me back in XDD
    Meh...I gave up with the old characters when I gave up with the anime XD; I wouldn't mind seeing them again, but it's not like I really need to. They just seemed to be more well rounded than May/Dawn etc. it's like they have a personality of their own, which I really like ^^ Rofl...I really don't have any issues with Dento and Iris at all...other than things I'd want to see happen that most likely wouldn't, it's nothing that would make me dislike their characters at all.
    Like I said, I've always like the movies ^^; even DPs...I think I liked Shaymin the best though out of those :3 sweet little hedgehog was cute. Yes the music is great <3 probably my favorite thing out of Pokemon. They could...meh I've gotten to the point where I don't care anymore XD *is scared in the manga coz it's actually HINTED that the Striaton Brothers are the Shadow Triad (and I know that was all fan stuff...but I'm actually scared now DX)* (<- I can't look at them the same way until this blows over...I'll probably go on a hiatus from the manga until the end of BW XD)
    Yes, yes it would :3 of course though Ash would probably steal the spotlight, but I'm HOPING with Dento's va that it could give him a bit more of an edge to have his own movie.
    Well if I HAD to choose....I'd choose the anime right now XD during DP it was the manga..so i'd say they are about equal ^^; I love the games though too....ROFL I did that in DP but now I try not to complain and just enjoy what I get ^^ Yeah they have...

    Really? Seeing old characters come back to me doesn't seem that big of a deal...really to me I figured BW was a way to cast off the old anime and start anew...which was what I wanted actually ^^; but I still want them to keep past refis and stuff though too. I love the characters this gen...the fact that neither Iris or Dento are bland is amazing in general. Dento I find to just have an amazing personality...it's like they PLANNED him to XDD

    Yeah....I didn't read it to keep away from spoilers. I love the movies..but I'm worried with what they are doing =o (I love the movie bgms btw xDDD) Don't forget Cheren and Bianca as well =) yeah...I don't like that >.> I kinda almost wish Ash won't do anything against bad guys and give Hilda/Hilbert the credit T.T but I wanna see N!!!!! *is torn* XD Yeah I'm hoping for the later movies to focus on them. I have my hopes up for Meloetta to focus on Dento...honestly they can BOTH SING so wynaut writers? OH WAIT...coz Ash is the 'main character" >.> I think the dragons could have worked well for Iris...I'd say Kyu but she's afraid of Ice-types XDD Maybe Keldeo ?_? not sure what good it'd do...but it's cute and she likes cute things....

    Which is good...but it'd be weird for them to leave the Gym :( True...I dun wanna see Pansage evolve...I likey the way it is (it can beat a deer...wait Dento doesn't even NEED Pokemon to battle XD) If the COTD is funny I'm all for it if they are boring NO more Iris and Dento!!! :DD

    (Did you see todays episode?!? OMG I WAS LIKE IN HEAVEN.....I WANT TO FISH LIKE THAT!!!! ^_^)
    XDDD I know most of the Japanese names in DP so I'm all good :) honestly though out of this franchise the games aren't my favorite thing ^^; I much prefer the manga and the anime. Right now it's the anime because it feels new and refreshing (plus I really like Dento and Iris. =/ I'm a little tired of Ash -_-)

    Yeah same here. I'm sure they WILL fit that all in, XDD I betcha they'd get another 40/40....MAYBE. =D

    Well...sometimes I can see where it'd be difficult for the anime to have some people come back because of voice actors and such =/ but I wish they focused on things differently. I don't care about the leagues any more I want to see more of the people and their personality, not about how well they do their goal or whatnot. It IS aimed at kids but so is Pokemon Special >.> and tons of other animes. Ugh I WISH they did! At least they put in Palmer but geez....

    I don't think it will be. It BETTER not be >.< and the talk of Ash catching a legendary...He doesn't even SCAN them...so I doubt he'll be catching it. It may listen to him but I highly doubt he'll actually catch it. (save that for N!! >.< I have hopes he'll still appear...)

    Yeah I noticed that. It's terrible how they handle it DX It is...I really like his brothers plus they are IN the games so that may help them get some focus as well. I hope they do...since Dento is there in the anime his brothers could help =D unless the writers make him go off cooking like in BW034..>.> it was funny, but REALLY? (LOL blame Bel not the waiters XDDD)
    XDD For me it's basically BW where I use the Japanese names (or at least the ones I made an attempt to remember; ie Gym Leaders, and SOME Pokemon...there's no way I'd be able to remember the JP names better than the English XD except for the ones that the main characters have) Yeah...I only have a few, and they only do that for certain characters.

    Oh man...things'll be great for the third one. I'm hoping for Gym Leader re-matches (which is like what? In every third game? XD) also I want MORE on N (if they can't it'll be fine...but I think they could add more stuff XDD) and I want more post-game. Yeah I noticed that. That's what I like about Pokemon Special is that they are able to "capture" that Generation's uniqueness...the Anime seems to care TOO much for Ash and his team than to care about the Generation as a whole :< Yeah same here. The movies have me worried (which I even posted about on Bulba...which I realize it's probably impossible for it to be "canon" but it's still a scary thought of the Plasma arc and N being ruined...)

    XD Yeah they are. I'm hoping for a Special or at least a flashback. As much as I love Dento, I would like to see him show somethings for his brothers...like maybe an episode where he misses them or something.
    XDD Yeah...it doesn't bother me, but I just find it dumb. Strangely I refuse to call Dento Cilan, and I will continue calling him Dento to prove it's not Gonbe/Munchlax syndrome X3 It helps that my friends outside of the forums call him Dento though =/
    I like the movies and all...but this one has me REALLY worried :< The games were just perfect...I'm worried that they'll ruin the plot and N TT_TT People don't see how easy it is to stick just Ghetsis and leave out N...and N is who I feel sort of "made BW" if that makes any sense..:(
    I can wait for Elesa....she's not my favorite GL (I want more Pod and Corn!! DX) Yeah same here...
    I know...it was like he KNEW he was going to lose or something O.O (-random- I also like the name Arti waaay more than Burgh...I mean...why change it? That was the most pointless name change there was =/) Yeah...I don't blame the character though at all coz he was cool in BW018 and 21 but 25? I guess those Venipede gave him some difficulties or something =o I sort of gave up with the TP episodes now and really the movies are sort of ticking me off >.< I want to see that IN the anime not in the movie :( I guess they still can but I think it'd take away some of it. Lol I guess he did. I wonder how Elesa will be =/ I also wonder if the Bianca thing will happen...
    OMG yes...that was the best wail I have ever heard...I think I've ever heard EVER XD No lie there :eek: I knew I should have expected great things from Miyano but my mind was blown by them XD Yeah...that's what I can't stand about the Dub Iris. I mean it makes her seem like a jerk when she's actually supposed to be a bold little girl >.>
    With the Arti battle the whole Earthquake thing didn't help at ALL when we had our hopes up for TP then we got that. Even Arti seemed off...and I had good hopes for that battle =o Arti was pretty cool then he was all boring DDX
    Yeah...for me it's Dent's seiyuu that makes me laugh ^^; I knew Miyano was talented but I would have never guessed that he was that good. O.O I mean even in BW034 his voice did a complete drop and that just made me laugh (also the random Engrish words) XDD Also with Iris's kodomo ne~ it sounds funny/cute in JP while it actually sounds mean in English.
    I wasn't a fan of Dawn so the contests bored me...but I can't say they weren't bad at all :eek: I'll always remember the Plusle and Minun one...and for Gym Battles they had some rememberable ones, the Unova ones just seem...i dunno (I think I'm getting sick of Gym Battles though ^^; )
    XD I actually prefer the subs now...I remember when it felt weird to watch something in a different language XD;;; I watch the episode first in Japan (raw then subbed) then depending on how much I like the episode I'll decide to watch it or not. Sometimes though I tend to stray away from watching episodes I like dubbed in fear that I'll be disappointed...In DP I was more interested in the battles for BW I'm more interested in the characters and the JP version just seems to highlight them so much more...
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