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  • I got over it...^^; lol I just watch the subbed/raw now XP it helps...but now I'm picky when it comes to english voices except for the originals XDD;; Yeah...I refused to watch BF when it was dubbed and I didn't have access to the JP episodes...so I skipped that whole part ^^; and got back into it in DP. I started watching the raw then and then my problem was the music changes and for BW I'll admit is dubbed well....but I have full access to subbed epis now so I just don't see the point when I can have something that's hq lol
    Yeah same :< I wish they never changed...I know people say that it's just nostalgia and stuff but honestly it really changed the anime for me ^^; but anyways this is great because I can REALLY tell it's her. I hear a bit of May, Ash, Delia, Hun etc. etc. it's great!

    Thanks for the add! :D
    XDD Yup! That seems about true! omg...I'm listening to something that has Ash's old va narrating...and it's waking me up again...holy cow XD sorry!
    I hope you enjoy your stay on the forum. And a useful tip, if you are going to visitor message someone, post on their profile, not yours.
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