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Last Activity:
Dec 9, 2019
Nov 18, 2013
Likes Received:
May 7
Berry Fields
Berry Awesome Berry Farmer

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Demon Legion (◕‿◕✿), from Berry Fields

KamenAeons was last seen:
Dec 9, 2019
    1. SilverChiko
      There's a coaching thread over here? Never knew. (Fair, as it is I've kinda deserved to lose now after poorly playing Magenton)
    2. SilverChiko
      Not to mention I have a better chance of being the best in Victoria than reaching TL3.

      I will be needing ASB coaching though, that is for sure.
    3. SilverChiko
      I know but still, shall be a hard year.

      Improving at ASB will be even harder though. >_>
    4. SilverChiko
      Already kinda stressed.
    5. SilverChiko
      Well, jack all happened, so there's that.
      Though it was good to see people again.
    6. SilverChiko
      I had thought I did, should've rechecked to see that wasn't the case.

      Hopefully I will.
      Ugh, this rust though, not that I was good to begin with. >_>
    7. SilverChiko
      Man, you've got me on the ropes. :/

      Also, I swore I ordered an 'if' condition but that obviously isn't the case, dammit me.
    8. Lucario188
      Haha no worries. Thank you for picking up the match!
    9. T-Bolt
      Sorry for the delay, I've squadded up now.
    10. SilverChiko
      That is true and considering that I've turned the entirety of a 6.12KM track into an arena, it shows that I have quite a bit of creativity.

      I should make arenas more often.
    11. SilverChiko
      Yes, I think I may have gotten a tad bit carried away with this.

      I have no regrets.
    12. SilverChiko
    13. SilverChiko
    14. SilverChiko
      And having it be to a RNG-selected part of the track due to the sheer size of it?

    15. SilverChiko
      There are terrain changes as it takes place around the whole mountain as well as having actual effects on the battle such as enthusiasm boosts and hindrances on several things.
      How about teleporting every 5 rounds?
    16. SilverChiko
      Hence 'working on a thing'.
      I've fixed the thing about the asphalt but I've made it sturdy as fudge with only high level moves being able to cause any damage to it (and yes, it can be DC-EQ'd).
      The cars aren't on the track at the time, the spectators are there for the battle, maybe I should have some in pitlane though. >_>
      The Pokemon will get teleported to the next section as the round ends.

      Any way to improve my improvements?
    17. SilverChiko
      Yay me.

    18. SilverChiko
      True but I had the opportunity to do so, so...

      Anyway, I can't use any Electric moves anymore so there.
    19. SilverChiko
      No going easy on a returnee, huh?
    20. SilverChiko
      But I even quoted Taken, man, you are cruel.
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    May 7
    Berry Fields
    Berry Awesome Berry Farmer
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nintendo Network ID:
    Nintendo 3DS Friend Code:
    1607 2923 7949
    Hello there, visitor! I'm the Rider of Aeons (or at least, I was. I'm now wearing a mask as Kamen. A Kamen Rider, ya see) and I normally have a three boxes of Mudkip Eggs in my Pokemon games. You say I'm mad? Well, maybe I am.

    Personally, I believe Mudkip is awesome, but a Dynamicpunch Swampert is pretty cool too and is the first starter I ever used personally. Other Pokemon I like include Lilligant, Goomy, Slakoth, Gardevoir, Typhlosion, Ditto, Larvitar and Eevee. As you can see here, I'm sort of all over the place.

    I was introduced to Pokemon in 2nd Gen through Crystal and have played Ruby, Emerald, Firered, Platinum, HeartGold, Red, Blue, Yellow, Black and now X in that order.
    I have also played Red Rescue Team, Explorers of Time, Ranger and Shadows of Almia.

    I long for the day I get a shiny Mudkip. It'll be so cool~ *eyes sparkle*
    Oh look! Fenny gave me a Shiny Mudkip. *starts rolling on the floor in joy*
    *gets back up and dusts off clothes.*
    Anyway, I liek Mudkips, what about you?

    OH! And I hate Creepypastas. Never send me any. I will flip.

    My Shinies! *sparkle sparkle*: Ruby - Zubat, X - Whismur, Gligar, Hoppip

    Until then!
    Long live Lady Lilligant!!!!

    Berry planting, breeding, the good battle.


    TL5 PASBL Trainer - Former Grass Gym Trainer
    Resident Lover of Fluffy Stuff

    Are you interested in PASBL? I'd recommend the Getting Started thread.
    Still have questions? Drop by the Trainer and Referee Q&A!