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Hello there, visitor! I'm the Rider of Aeons (or at least, I was. I'm now wearing a mask as Kamen. A Kamen Rider, ya see) and I normally have a three boxes of Mudkip Eggs in my Pokemon games. You say I'm mad? Well, maybe I am.

Personally, I believe Mudkip is awesome, but a Dynamicpunch Swampert is pretty cool too and is the first starter I ever used personally. Other Pokemon I like include Lilligant, Goomy, Slakoth, Gardevoir, Typhlosion, Ditto, Larvitar and Eevee. As you can see here, I'm sort of all over the place.

I was introduced to Pokemon in 2nd Gen through Crystal and have played Ruby, Emerald, Firered, Platinum, HeartGold, Red, Blue, Yellow, Black and now X in that order.
I have also played Red Rescue Team, Explorers of Time, Ranger and Shadows of Almia.

I long for the day I get a shiny Mudkip. It'll be so cool~ *eyes sparkle*
Oh look! Fenny gave me a Shiny Mudkip. *starts rolling on the floor in joy*
*gets back up and dusts off clothes.*
Anyway, I liek Mudkips, what about you?

OH! And I hate Creepypastas. Never send me any. I will flip.

My Shinies! *sparkle sparkle*: Ruby - Zubat, X - Whismur, Gligar, Hoppip

Until then!
Long live Lady Lilligant!!!!

Berry planting, breeding, the good battle.
May 7
Berry Fields
Favourite Pokémon
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1607 2923 7949
Berry Awesome Berry Farmer


TL5 PASBL Trainer - Former Grass Gym Trainer
Resident Lover of Fluffy Stuff

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