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  • Double Edge :)
    Thank you so much ;w;
    I have HA Mudkip, HA Turtwig, HA Piplup, and Polar Vivillion ready whenever you are~
    Where is your 3ds Friend code?
    Yw anytime! ;D
    Lol that's why I'm getting it changed to EmiiLava soon(when the mods get around to me)
    Naw you never did. x3
    Yep lol
    Same here lol xDDD
    Hi! It's Emii from the xat!
    I''ve been saving a spikes Shelmet for you for trade evolution!
    I also saw your wanted list in your bio.
    I have HA female Piplup, HA female Turtwig, and I can breed HA polar Vivillion(thanks to living in New Jersey mostly -_-")
    I also saw in your Sig you wanted a timid Petilil 3 iv which I was wonder trading on Christmas. lol. I still have a few left if you want one. What is the preferred nickname in your signature?
    I hope you are having a great day. :)
    I''ll be home and on the xat later on if you want those pokemon.
    True, I can compare it with Art aswell. Most Art work as text alike, are in most cases based upon other their work.

    It just depends on how good you can mix them and make them work as it looks like something new.

    I admit as an Artist , I do it too sometimes. Getting inspiration by other their work and use their way of thinking to produce products that my customers like.
    (I work as an designer in an company) But that's not a bad thing, you have days where you just lack inspiration.. and if you have an deadline you are sort of forced to do it that way.

    Believe me I do, especially with the mods here.
    The guild is alright, but I just found if your an lower tier player (like me) you have no place in any guild.
    It's always OU. I joined TEG mostly due it is probably the only guild that gives attention towards WiFi but thats really the only reason.

    Thanks, you seem like an nice guy there is no need to call yourself an Rookie.
    I would not call myself an accomplished player here on the forums, I got too many haters to wear that title :p Including several serebii mods.
    You could have asked first though, but this is just about some standard text who everyone could easily copy paste, your one that admits it so probs for that.
    But there should be no reason for me be dramatic about it :p. Sorry I am just really serious when it comes down to copy pasting and such, I'm sort of an Artist so thats where it might come from :p.
    You stole my list :(

    I would prefer a female, but not needed, but I'll give you a female.
    Nature doesn't matter, I already have a Male Parent with the nature I need :)
    Oh cool, cause I'm going to church in like half an hour and maybe something else after. See you later then.
    Think you'd be able to battle in like two and a half+ hours or so? Or would it then be too late for you?
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