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  • Just a quick thing here, since you asked. The genies are very well-shaped and the shading is pretty good too (though should be just a tiny bit smoother), but they all lack black outline. The rock one especially, I think you should take a look at Onix to see how to make it look rocky and tough and all that. I'm also pretty much against glows since they drag attention away from the actual sprite work but I guess for genies it 'could' work. They're also rather big, but I guess that's not necessarily a bad thing. The fire one is probably the best but on this one the glow is totally obsolete and you should keep in mind that fire follows different shading laws than body does. I really like its design though.
    The yellow on the main head's throat looks like it was leftover after u colored Hydreigon's "petals" and then got rid of them...
    Are you Sherlock Holmes?
    Seriously, like, busted SO hard, lmao. Nice one!

    And thanks for the great C&C, I appreciate it (especially compared to the gargantuan amounts of bs around here lately).
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