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Recent content by kamionero

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    Old Spriting Contests?

    They just sort of died off a long time ago... I just visited this again after a long time hahaha. They all sort of died by november of last yr.
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    Piflare's Sprite Collection

    I like ur sprites. You definitely aren't lacking in cool ideas. The weather twins are very cool! You just need to spend a little more time on the details. For example ur latest Lucario sprite. The tail is pasted on top of him. Unless its meant to be like a sword sheath on his side. however, if...
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    Leymil's Splices and Recolours

    Nice sprites there!!! And welcome to the forum!!! First and foremost, I'm in love with Terraontrio. one of the most interesting splices i've seen, it really is a really really cool concept, i love the ground effect, i love the pose. There is certainly room for refinement, but I really like what...
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    Sprites of Bert

    Hehehe They really do look great!!! You really nailed the eye! Hahaha i had no idea how to fix it... you managed to make it really cool. Same w Corsicune, the bubbles look great!!! and IMO she looks more interesting. hahaha and good call on the feet! ahha now that I think about it it would look...
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    THANKS MAN!!! thats great critique!!! Really appreciate it!!!! About the fire guy, I was...

    THANKS MAN!!! thats great critique!!! Really appreciate it!!!! About the fire guy, I was wondering about the outline. Im def getting rid of it now. Also, I'll try to fix the rock and then keep poison, and shelve the rest for the moment.
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    Sprites of Bert

    HA! love it! The only thing that comes to mind that you could try to incorporate Corsola and Suicune more by making the legs white (or maybe the hind legs up to the hip white?) and added the bubbly pattern Corsola has between the pink and the white, and get rid of Suicune's diamond markings...
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    Kamionero's Sprites

    Thanks for the CC Bert! the thinig w Blaizeken's feet is that they are supposed to be made of blocks of ice, so the edges are lighter cause the light passes thru but the center of the ice is darker. Does that make sense? Some fusions are very lazy, hahaha the Giratina for example. Actually...
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    Excel Spritework

    Haha wow! These are incredible!!! Palette town must have taken u forever!!! Very cool concept, and good execution.
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    WSC Week 134

    Idk if this belongs here, but since we're kind of on the topic, i'd like to throw my hat in the ring: The forum actually had pretty good turnout in the contest, and weekly contests usually have good participation from what i see... just not many users follow through. Basically I think if there...
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    Kamionero's Sprites

    Practicing and playing with my ice-testures i decided to complete the set: And for Sh... and giggles made description for these Bizarro World pokemon: Coolape (The mountain monkey pokemon)- A very agile monkey that lives in the freezing peaks of mountains and teaches martial arts to those who...
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    Lolol no prob. Believe it or not, sometimes its intimidating to new guys like me to give...

    Lolol no prob. Believe it or not, sometimes its intimidating to new guys like me to give critique... I think thats one of the main reasons why there isnt much critique flow goin' on. Sometimes you cant just tell how to fix it, or if its wrong in the first place lol.
  12. K

    Sprites of Bert

    Hydreigon/Armaldo: Torso is looking great, but I have a couple suggestions for the main head. The plate on his head really looks good, its well done, but it just clutters the area and it doesnt really look like it belongs there. Since its part of Armaldo's back, it looks a little out of place...
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    The End is Nigh!

    These are very cool! To be honest, i'd love to see all gen 5 gym leaders gender swapped lol. Itd be very interesting!
  14. K

    The Arzon Region

    Nice!!! ok, new version of the cocky rooster (Karate Chiken) is infinetly better... it just is really great. You improved the shade on the dream sheep evo, it looks even greater. The electrocombustive Procupine: It looks great, but the mouth lacks definition. I didnt even see it was there...
  15. K

    My First Sprites

    Its not stealing as long as you say where ur idea is from :P Seriously, these are some really cool ideas. The firsts are simple yet effective. The Wadjet is great, I really love it, the only thing that I can see that could be changeable is the sun-orb. I think that instead of using a ghastly...