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  • They Provide the Paint for the Picture-Perfect Masterpiece That You Will Paint on the Insides of Your Eyelids
    That's a tough call. Both sides have got tacticians with Strom and Nocchi. The Avengers team might have the edge in speed and stealth, but the Peacemakers team might have the edge in unpredictability and physical strength. The terrain looks like it'd be good for Strom, but those passes might be good for Nocchi to set up his traps. There's a lot of room for the fliers, but if they go too low in the canyons, they could get caught up in choke points.
    Haha, that's pretty cool, actually. It must have been hard to structure it. Tracking character relationships are pretty fun. What do you mean - flow charts aren't cool??

    Also, double friend-zones; nice. It's interesting to see the differences from the previous Peacemakers group. Seeing some of the new rivalries is interesting, as well as the different love interests. I still kinda like the idea of Trowa and Pyra ending up with some sort of relationship, but Pyra's probably got enough guys after her affections at this point, haha. Plus, they're on different teams and all that. But yeah, I enjoyed looking at that.

    I'm still sort of debating in my head whether to toss a character into UC. I think that, if I did, it would probably just be one character since I wouldn't want to overstretch myself. I don't know if there would be a good jumping-on point though.
    I thought so. But you see, I already thought of that. Or at least some sort of solution.

    I was thinking that he only came to the Digital World about four to five years ago, five years after Shula left. The invite was actually for her brother, but since he had a child coming, Shula's father decided to accept it since he figured this was where Shula went. He's been searching for her since...and is stuck in the middle of the fight in Kaladesh, like Andrea.

    What do you think?
    Cool, good to know and Imego sounds like someone Rheagos (Titus's former Imperialdaemon PM horde chief) might have kicked out of his horde a long time ago for clashing with his principles.
    I have a question. I know you said at some point you can judge a character/character concept better after looking at a complete sign up, but I was wondering how would a really old Tamer go for Unholy Crusade. Because I sometimes feel like adding in Shula's father into the RP.
    I will respond to UC as soon as I can, I've just got some major flooding in my area eating my attention.
    The search engine also doesn't work. I get a message saying the server is experiencing a hiccup in the system.
    That's weird. I'm not having any problems looking at threads. Could it be a browser issue?
    No, nothing yet. The site as a whole is loading faster and more consistently for me, but i still can't open a thread. Even tried clearing all of my browsing data and cookies, but no fix.
    The forum has been like this since late last night. I can access threads but the whole page won't load all the text. I thought I was having a poor connection in the valley I live in.
    I've been having similar problems for about 2 hours now. Thought it was my connection at first, bit maybe its something on the webpage side.
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