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  • Yea, I've got a chuck of it completed, so I will work more of it now. I did want to ask if I could have her join the group in Kaladesh, because I had envisioned her gating from the Real World after being gone for several months and learning of the Royal Knight's action upon her return from her partner. Pending her being accepted first of course.
    Eh, its alright. Had an idea I started to run with but I think i'm making it needlessly complicated. I'll stick with the basics.
    In regards to a sign-up for Civil War, would it be feasible for a Mega level to "disguise" themselves as, say, a Champion level or would that go against the digivolution rules? As in, they are actually a Mega, but they can take on the form of thier Champion level at will.
    Yeah, that works out, though Chronomachy had 29 (!) PCs so there's scope to spread them around even if we leave a chunk of them out. IMO Phaeton fits with the Olympians. Ikiryo was my Gaiomon from Chronomachy, zombie samurai who escaped Tartarus when the Olympians fell. Ajani and Xenagos were from Abandoned, weren't they?

    I think it's a consequence of how I tried to divide Digimon between the nine realms, but some of the realms ended up basically being tribal ones as a consequence. Diomedes and Lionel were an accident on my end, I only just realised I'd copied Lionel's forms with Diomedes because I went and re-read Bantyo to remember who my characters were. The tribal stuff was sort of intentional in terms of the story being about a group who aren't constrained by the tribalism the rest of the city succumbed to, admittedly.

    I'll try to get a sign-up up in the next day or so.
    I'd say to put Chronomachy into Unholy Crusade, but that's because I was thinking I'd cameo Ikiryo in relation to Okatsu somehow, as I said. And the verse with gods seems more resonant to what Chronomachy had going on with the Olympians.

    The Abandoned group could go either way, as you say. With my characters in particular I (without realising until just now) copied forms between Lionel from Bantyo and Diomedes from Abandoned, which could be a case for either pairing them up or keeping them separate.

    Am I too late to ninja into Civil War too? I've been tempted and seriously considering it now.
    Cool, looking forward to seeing how it all pans out.

    You did good. I tried to craft Duo as a bit of the wandering samurai sort of character, so it fits pretty well.
    Ah, okay. That makes sense. I can see your point on that, there was a ton of background stuff going on even just in UC, much less the others.

    Still though, you captured my characters quite well there.
    Yeah, so at most we knew up to Venus and Vulcanus. It's good to finally know the whole group, same with the Royal Knights.
    I like the idea of a Peacemaker group popping up as well, it reminds me of the Avenger cameos in the original UC. And it's nice to see the old crew and reinforces the concept of this world being a remake of the original.

    Those all look good, would be interesting to have Dakkon, Adriana and Odric face off against Bedivere, Guinier and Caradoc.

    I'm trying to remember if we actually knew all of the Olympos XII when I made Chronomachy and I don't think we did, can't remember exactly when Jupiter, Juno, Bacchus and Ceres were revealed. Just been thinking about it because I have an idle fic concept floating involving the XII and also because I'm trying to find ways to cameo my Chronomachy characters. Think Ikiryo could work if I had Okatsu flashback to her youth, since he'd fit into the culture of Ama nicely.
    Oh yeah, and I've been inspired to start looking back over my old fanfic plans. So expect a fan-fic project now that I have more time on my hands. Might do Trowa's sidestory, or perhaps do my own little tales with the other characters. I'm excited for it.

    Heck, now I'm wanting to go and use my whole roster. Duo, Lucia, Trowa, Justin, and Saria from UC. Zen, Aakio, and Versa from BANTYO. Even Tsukasa, Tsubasa, and Colossus from Chronomachy, though they never got much screen time.

    I don't know what I'll wind up going with, but I certainly want to do something with all these characters I've come to love.
    Yeah, same here. If you ever decide to go for a continuation/sequel of the old RPs I'm down. (Assuming we can get the gang back together anyway, wouldn't be quite the same without everybody).

    And that's neat. It's like they all had a slight twist of fate. I can get behind that. I'm just hoping my new characters can live up to the old ones, they have some big shoes to fill.
    And I made Ayas look like an uneducated idiot. >_< I wasn't sure as to the exact ways the realmpact worked to 'maintain' the peace. Jaeger's dialogue cleared that up for me.
    Yeah. I like that things aren't 100% the same. Means there are a few surprises down the line. And yeah, I like the cameos and shout outs, little things like Thor's 'in another universe, they might have' and those little references.

    I'm tempted to reference my Chronomachy and Abandoned characters, just a case of finding places they fit.
    Cool. I noticed the ones who have shown up already, but I seemed to have missed Nocchi and Gigas. Kinda curious about Lucia now. And yeah, Theo reminds me of Duo's older brother or something, they're a lot alike.
    Yeah, I get that. Wasn't sure exactly what you're keeping from the original and what was going, besides what's already in of course. It might be interesting to have one of my two do it given Alter-S, but we can see if Griff brings in a fitting character or if another character might develop into someone fitting.

    Working on a post ATM, was waiting for Solsabre for Tessa's reaction to Samael but think I'll post now.
    Indeed, including finally having the final two Royal Knights and the complete Olympus Twelve. Yeah, I can see that, looking at the group composition. I just wanted to make Tamer PCs because when I signed up, we only had one Tamer in the group and I like the idea of having them be involved. I wonder if one of the group might be able to step up in the future, or I know Griff's floating the idea of joining, so if he does, maybe one of his characters will fit. It might be a possibility for me to develop James or Hoshiko into that role, though they don't quite fit ATM, since James is meant to be more of the team's heart than its brain, and Hoshiko is still dealing with the loss of her guild. That would be an interesting turn, if we had one of the Tamers stepping up to lead.
    I don't mind, I saw it as a cute nod to the original and I think I would have made new characters with you allowing Tamer PCs anyway. As I said to Griff, I regret not doing that in original UC because it feels better to have them involved. And yeah, I was MIA so I couldn't really say otherwise, it was just uni and a train wreck of personal stuff really. Original UC was almost 7 years ago now I think.

    Yeah, I saw Drakn, read all of UC once I decided to sign up so I knew where we were.
    Hey I'm asking this in hindsight, about how long has Goliath's father been gone? I had Ryia asked that question at the end of the post to illustrate how long she's been out of touch with the rest of Eon. But I get the impression he's been gone longer than the 3 years she was at Ironclad. If this presents too much of a problem, I can edit the question out.
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