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  • Well, I created 3 NPCs, Trajan seems to be in a good role, and I'm hoping we'll see Maximus Tharax during the Invasion of the Royal Hive. Yet, I can't think of a thing to do with the last one, Governor Capet, I wanted him to be the leader of an Autonomous Region in the Dramon Empire populated by Mamemon, but right now, with the way the story is going, I don't see how he'll gain use. Which is sad, because I like Prince Mamemon X as a Digimon. So, while I'm not asking for spoilers is there any chance I'll be able to incorperate this guy?
    Uh Kamotz, are you going to do another post on the RPG. After all, we have got certain things coming (coughcertainguydyingcough), plus some other stuff.
    Its fine. I shouldn't have done the retreat in the first place, it was just the whole Tharor and Jager need help thing. I am quite concerned about those two (if we don't have them, no AncientGreymon/AncientGarurumon or Omnimon (possiblity)
    Whamon could be used, though there will not be much set in/around the water, so his use will be few and far between. There aren't "unlimited roles" persay. Stick with one charcter for now.
    ok ill make another Bio,but whamon could be used as an ally or something like,my other bio should be up tommorw because im feeling sick o another thing there is unlimited roles right?
    Do you expect Civil War to continue and you're just bogged down with work and stuff? Or is that officially dead?
    Well, if your main form is flight-capable, it would go in the flight group. Those characterizations only matter for this little bit of the beginning. After that, we (the players) will be more organized into a unit based on the fact that we're players.
    Hey Kamotz, in the RPG, where do I put my character? Land units? Observation team? Demolition force?
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