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  • Hi there. I'm just sending a message to let you know that I've entered a sign-up for Civil War just in case you haven't noticed it yet. I do apologise if I come off as impatient or rude - I certainly don't mean it!

    Let me know if I need to change/add anything! :)
    That's part of what gave me pause, because I wasn't sure of those exact logistics. I like the idea of the double Biomerge to fully reinforce the theme of becoming one whole greater than the sum of its parts, though it might come across as over the top. I'd prefer to avoid riding on the shoulders in any case, part of why I like the Biomerge concept is because it deals with the issue of the Tamers' vulnerability when the enemies we fight are slinging around terrain-levelling attacks. Plotting the journeys is essential, I agree, so need to figure out the steps and in particular imo the shared developments that lead to Omnimon.

    Ah, cool, I was wondering if you were waiting on Solsabre's sign-up.
    Very tempted to use him if only because my characters have both components and for the potential of Omnimon vs Omnimon. Will need to work out more specific details of the how it happens.

    Are we waiting for Solsabre before we continue?
    Yeah, I saw him yesterday while I was browsing Wikimon. I guess the reason I didn't see it coming is because I didn't follow the games and because ShineGreymon and MirageGaogamon didn't get an Omnimon, and neither did VictoryGreymon and Z'dGarurumon. I like the design, think the red spikes on his helmet look neat and the reversal of the weapons is cool.
    Hey. I've been thinking about it. I do have interest in either one or the other, but I'm pretty busy. Trying to figure out if I have time for two RPGs at once on top of the other stuff I'm doing. I'm still weighing the options.
    Not sure what I think of those two. Seems weird to me to have a Garurumon final form focusing on close combat, since MetalGarurumon and ZeedGarurumon were both all about blasting things from a distance, though I guess it makes sense given WereGarurumon.

    BlitzGreymon feels weirder because a lightning-focused Greymon is completely new.
    Yeah, I saw them, hope they go well :). I'm kind of busy between job and running Association, but might sign up for one of them.

    I'm also looking forward to Amonkhet on the MtG front.
    I'm good, have a job now, graduated uni last year and now just trying to get by day to day. Keeping ME:A above water now and hopefully I'll get it finished, since I'm pretty sure I've never been in a finished RPG except the Digimon ones from back in the day.
    Hey, how are you doing anyways, Kamotz? I hope you're okay.

    You know, I've been wondering about Digimon: Unholy Crusade. I know it's dead and all but...I really loved it and was wondering if you could maybe tell me about what you had planned for it, at least for its ending (through PM).

    If you're wondering why I'm asking, it's because I was always curious how Shula and Frost would've affected things, and I'm curious on Svarog's thoughts, being the only Tamer pair on the small team.
    Would it be possible to know if my char is accepted now with the changes? I don't want to fall way behind.
    I'm on vacation in a few days, I'll be able to finish my sign up for the Ultimates then.
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