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  • Sorry, its been a busy week for me. I don't have much to add so if you want to make another post go ahead. It'll give me more fuel to add to my post. Planning on working on my posts tomorrow.
    Here's the class summary for Technician.

    Technician: Technicians are individuals who specialize in designing, developing, and refining magic-based technology. They understand the concepts of Magic Theory and identify means of incorporating magic into technology to benefit magic users and non-magic users to improve day-to-day life. While a more civil role, a Technician can utilize magically enhanced gear of their own making to bolster their own or teammate abilities for combat. A Technician is most likely to become an Engineer who works with state-of-the-art magitech, researching new or improving methods for magic applications. A technician may also choose to become an Artificer who specializes in ancient artifices which have been imbued with magic from another era. Some of these devices are still in use today, but require specific knowledge and training for its use and upkeep.
    Yea I was thinking of something along those lines since Technician is a really broad term to be the starter class and he'll work his way up to engineer.
    hhmmm, I'll probably have questions aplenty in time, but that might be more related for things to come as we go. So far your introduction and info is pretty thorough to me.

    I did want to clarify about one thing for the character I'm considering. You were leaning away from intelligent animals, but could it be a regular animal that my character works with on a daily basis and something to be considered n asset to my character? I want to use the Tamer class and thinking my character keeps or cares for a falcon or hawk at the Academy. Or I could just go ahead and complete sign up for you to judge.
    *Name of the Academy/Guild/World/etc.* - *Interesting Subtitle*

    *Vague but relevant word* + (Maybe something in parenthesis)

    *Extremely Basic description of the plot in four words or less*

    Something like that usually woks for me. I think most of mine lean towards the first one though.
    The only big one I can think of is the details on the Setting, like the Academy itself and its structure, so players can work out a good History section (unless you've included that in one of the other sections).

    Other than that, I think you have everything you'd need.
    Sounds pretty good to me.

    Um... I wish I could help more but I don't really have much to say.

    Though how did the Skourge came to be? Or is that spoiler to the plot related?
    *thumbs up* I'm assuming academy students will be human for this. Would it be possible for our characters to have an intelligent animal familiar related to work alongside with at the academy, like a K-9 unit in the police force or military?
    (Just read the description message)

    Cool. I think that's a good starting point to work from.

    Anything you're still unsure about?
    I find that the best way to expand an idea is to answer questions about it.

    Ok, good. So we've got a solid use for the tech, to make magic easier and more reliable.

    You could always have all of the monsters be referred to by a single name, but have them come in various shapes and sizes. Like the Kaiju in Pacific Rim, or the creatures that feed on Thermal Energy (forget the name) from Lost Planet which could range from little beetle like things the size of dogs to massive whale-like behemoths the size of battleships. Every one of them could be unique in its own way, or the types could be standardized according to ability/form/technique required to defeat. Perhaps even utilizing the standard fantasy monster names.

    I'm assuming there will be tech that reads mana-levels or such?
    Are there variations in the type of magic available to users? Say some one is more sensitive to water-affiliated or lightning-affiliated magic? Or are you going with a more generic 'life' energy to power technology and science?
    Nice! I could get behind that. It's partly why I mentioned Mahouka Koukou and the link I put in explains how the 'modern magic' system in it works. The series incorporates an information dimension which exists alongside the physical plane. So 'Magicians' or Magic Technicians can use their innate abilities along with tech devices to create magic sequences which alter the information in the information dimension and in turn changing or effecting the corrosponding objects in the phyisical plane.
    Yeah, I like that. Its a good blend of the two, and it makes science skill as important as magic skill, meaning the Academy would have to teach its students both. A few thoughts to consider:

    If magic is fueled by the leylines, is location important in using its effects? If so, places where leylines intersect would be quite important indeed.

    If you are still incorporating the "monsters" outside the cities, how are they connected to the leylines? Do they rely on magic in a similar or contradictory way to the humans?

    How visible are the leylines? How about the mana itself when put to use? Can people tell at a glance where leylines run or when someone is using magic?
    I havn't seen it yet actually, but it is on my list. I get the concept though. Like how Gurren Lagann has mechs powered by willpower or how some of the Shin Megami Tensei series entries have tech that exists for the sole purpose of streamlining outright magic (even including using computer code).

    Are you feeling more sci-fi or fantasy with this one? Or a nice blend of both? Magitech is always fun because there's so much you can do with it. We could have a ton of advanced tech, but all of it is powered by mana or spiritual energy or emotion making all that gear useless if you can't handle magic as such. Or magic and tech cold be so interdependent that they're basically one and the same, the science of magic if you will.

    I've always loved the mix of lighthearted moments with a serious over-plot. Makes the stakes high while still being fun and colorful. That and Academy settings are something I know and love. Something about a tight-knit team working through multiple levels of challenges and hardships is just cool to me.
    Well, I only played Final Fantasy II and VI and now I'm playing IV so I'm not entirely sure how tech is like in FF. But maybr you could go magiteck-steampunk? Where the designs won't look too out of place from a steampunk work and are constructed and powered by magic, thus letting them doing a few feats not easily done by most tech. As for the magic...well, I don't know. Let me think about that.
    I love fantasy themes more for the legend/lore and the variety of creatures it brings to life. I'm still scratching my head on what would be my preference to help with your rp. With Sequel hosting Moasic, maybe something along the lines of Mecha for something different?

    One of my first rps I ever did was a Zoids rp, where the pilots operate machines in the shape of different animals. My main reservation for Armored Core is wrapping my head around all the weapon and customization options and understanding what they all do for accurate writing. Otherwise, I do have an Air Force Pilot character, I could adapt for a Mecha/vehicle combat rp already.

    Dragon-rider, would be awesome too. I love sky battles and fancy manuevers mid-air. lol, not sure how helpful I really was here, but I'll keep thinking about ideas to throw your way.
    Armored Core was tons of fun last time. I'm all for it, might even bring the same characters back. I'd be cool to see how much my writing has changed between then and now, and that was one of my all time favorite RPs on here.

    But, I am intrigued by the Academy idea. I love stuff like that, so I'd be glad to help you hammer things out if need be. It sounds like you're thinking/planning more along a fantasy setting, but don't be afraid to go full-on Final Fantasy and have magic and tech side by side.
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