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  • Ah, okay. That explains why you didn't go into detail about them.

    I really wish I could be of more help though. I'm not really sure how can I help.
    Oh, okay. That I can handle.

    Thanks for the information. Now I'm even more interested. Just uh...one question, you detailed light and heavy, but you didn't talk about medium. Why's that?
    Well, the Armored Core one reminds me of Civil War, now that I read that intro/preview properly, so I guess I'd be down for it and I don't think you'd have too much of a problem. Though it would be nice if you tried to make it so that anyone who doesn't know much or anything at all of Armored Core (like me) to sign up. Though I highly doubt that'll be a problem but I just thought I'd mention that because I'm usually not so good with stuff involving stats and stuff. I'll try, though.

    As for the Guild thing... I saw Solsabre's idea and I agree with her idea. That one would let light hearted stuff and more serious stuff happen. And I just realized it reminds me of Explorers of Sky and so I'm down for it even more. And Fairy Tail, but I don't know much about that series so I probably shouldn't make that comparison.
    I was giving that some thought about the Guild Academy idea you were working with. I've never really done a school setting myself, I prefer the adventure into strange lands setup. But I thought of an anime I watched a while back that could give us a few ideas for the Guild Academy. The series is called Mahouka Koukou and takes place in modern/near future Japan where magic has been synthesised into modern technology. (http://anime.stackexchange.com/questions/23635/what-actually-is-modern-magic-and-how-does-it-work) The setting is slice-of-life of students attending the Magic High School (only those few gifted in the population of course) to develop their abilities. That would allow opportunities for light heartedness. Also in the series, political agendas abound in the background anywhere from powerful family clans, militia groups, terrorists, business leaders, some of the students have connections to some of these groups. There's also social tension between Course 1 and Course 2 students at the high school, where the Course 1 students are those of greater natural ability and favored and Course 2 students are usually looked down upon. There's competitions (races/games/combat) between all the nationwide Magic High Schools with some of the political agendas occurring and influencing events. By the end of the series a full out war does take place.

    So, there's room for lightness and serious stuff if we make an rp with ideas from this series. Just some of my initial thoughts.
    So...I saw your post in the RPG Café and was wondering if that meant Unholy Crusade and Civil War are uh...dead for you as Solsaber and I are still at least interested in Civil War. But I'll understand if you lost motovation to continue them.
    Almost. I'm going to work on that now and get it Done done. (if something's off with it, just let me know)
    Yeah, that sounds a lot closer to Illya than the White / Red ones. I'm still rusty on my MtG colors so I appreciate the help. She is very much as described here.

    I have to keep reminding myself that White and Black (or any other colors) aren't diametrically opposed here. One of the things I like about the color allignments though.

    I'll go ahead and change her to White / Black.
    Is it safe to assume it'll take a lot to even dent the prison cells? 'cause there's that small part of me that wants Valentina out even if she can't do much.
    Court of the Vampire King/Queen. This disturbing three-day holiday was invented by Olivia Voldaren. A human is identified, kidnapped, and brought to a large vampire estate or castle, where they serve as "King or Queen of the Vampires" for the duration of the event. The mock king/queen, always utterly terrified, of course, is served the best food and drink and is theatrically supplicated. The vampires will follow any order the king or queen issues, except any attempt to abdicate the "throne." At the end of the three days, the king or queen is killed and all present share the blood.
    Now this! This is how you spend a holiday with your friends! lol
    Whoops. I thought I had responded to your question and I just realized I posted it on my own page and not here. *facepalms*

    Here's what I wrote:

    I guess I'm a little confused on what you mean about joining the story, his motivation for wanting to stop the Royal Knights or how he physically gets involved in things?
    I may have been going on assumption that the Council wouldn't likely summon a ruffian or troublemaker like Wesley to join their forces. He wants a piece of the action to stop the Knights since they're trying to rid Saga of Tamers and Wesley doesn't want to lose his best fans. (His reasons are very self-centered, but he does gueinely care about his fans). Wesley doesn't really take no for answer, so I was going to have him stowaway on the airships to get to the Camelot. Does that sound realistic?
    Sorry, not yet. Still finishing up the last few tweaks on my paper, and then I'm pretty much free for an entire month while waiting for my job to start/the school to gimme my certificate. So, will probably get to the SU next week! Ooonce I decide which rp to join, ha. Both premises sound interesting, but if Civil War needs people more, I might go for that. I'm honestly game either way.
    Well, you did say they could digivolve into other forms depending on the situation. You explained it to me on the last page of this conversation. Uh...unless I also misunderstood that... Wait...it should be digivolving into DarkTyrannomon then sliding into ExVeemon than directly changing into ExVeemon...is it?
    Oh, uh, actually, I did. But I was starting to think of not using her anymore and kind of forgot to mention I uh...changed my mind on playing another character...
    Hey, I was wondering if Wesley was all set to go for UC or due I have to make any further edits.
    I edited the ending of Wesley's sign up to mention specifically how he gets involved with the story.
    Hmm, crud. Can't decide. Do you have any preference either way? As in, is either RP in more dire need of players or anything?
    Nice! I'll likely only join one of the two, but I'm definitely in. Just gotta get to reading both of the SU threads through properly and deciding which one to go with
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