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  • Sorry about the delay in posting to Unholy Crusade, I'll finally have time Sunday evening to post.
    Okay, okay. I just realized I have a tendency to ask the vague-est of questions regarding to sign ups. I'm gonna sign up a prisoner though, just so you have a heads up.
    Whoops, forgot to mention that.

    Ah, okay. Just making sure, even if she was an old friend of Homer and Sura and she actually helps them?
    So...what do you expect the others to do? The only thing I can think to write is Sura charging head on to try and save them.

    Also, question, do you think I could also sign up a guard of Ironclad that'd join once she sees Homer or Sura?
    Just letting you know that I haven't abandoned either of the Digimon RPs, just been incredibly busy dealing with work IRL.
    Haha, naturally. He's definitely a fun character to write. So, what's different in the UC reboot?
    Well, I don't want to abandon it. I feel pretty guilty for taking this long already. But if not a lot has happened, I can try to get something up. Maybe by next week since I've got a week off then. As for UC, probably not. I haven't really thought of any new characters, and I'm having enough trouble with one RP as it is. I don't want to be a dead weight on another too.
    Also, what's supposed to happen next? Svarog in a pub partying? 'Cause I was thinking Shula would just see what he had in mind since she has nothing better to do other than stocking up on food for herself and Frost.
    You mean an actual image I can link to? Uh, no... But I usually imagine her as a kind of female version of Zero during the Zero series. Just with hair that's long but not Rapunzel long.
    Hey, is it alright if I implied that Theo had been a career-soldier serving under the Royal Knights for about ~20 years before retiring from active duty? I had only come up with his history starting in his mid to late 40's when he met his human partner when I first made his sign-up.
    Just a question about your latest post in Unholy Crusade, did you intend for Theo my BlackWarGraymon to join the main group to attack Camelot? I wasn't sure since I didn't see a BlackWarGreymon listed along with the others.
    Ah, I see. I saw that someone was signing up to be a Wisemon (with the potential of being AncientWisemon in the future), and I was confused! Thanks for the clarification. Also, I'm sorry that I have not edited my sign-ups. I have been tremendously busy with school and work, and I'm not sure if I'll have time to consistently invest in an RP right now. I've got some other priorities right now. If you don't hear from me in the next day or two, go on without me.

    If that does indeed become the case, I will be very sorry to have missed out!

    I will still be working on Scourge gradually, but most likely I will write it as my own story first and try to publish it on FictionPress, or something. I may revisit it as an RP in the near future, if I get the chance!
    Oh, good. I'd like you to know I decided on making Frost 24, making him 15 when he met Shula and has traveled with her for 9 years. Sound good to you?
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