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  • Oh, okay. Thanks for the explanation. I don't exactly mind the lack of diversity though. I went with a dinosaur theme on purpose. Oh, this is probably a silly question, but do I have to add slide forms into the sign up?
    *sees it* Oh great... I feel like Shula will need an entire overhaul... Do I really need to make the edits? I might just start from scratch with a new character. Maybe. Wait...is biomerging still allowed?
    Do you think I could pull off bringing Jimmy Inferno the FlameWizardmon back for CW? He's only an Armor-level, but that merits some flexibility. Perhaps he could be the inheritor of a very powerful fire magic that comes with great cost?
    Well, that's a good point about Nocchi and Gigas joining up in CW (I just perused page 3 of CW). I'm still not sure if I'll be able to just jump right in quite yet, though. I will need to catch up on what's happened so far. But I will try to get in on UC, and I'll be thinking about some ideas for CW!

    And I'll try to reply to your Skyrates PM soon!
    Sorry to spam your VM feed. I said I wasn't sure about reusing Nocchi and Gig, but then I had some ideas all at once. So I might re-boot them and see what happens. They'll probably come in as a bounty hunter duo.

    And Sha will most likely show up too. I just can't bear to tear the ol' Trio apart. Too sentimentally attached, I guess. I'll probably explore his demon-angel-god-ness a lot more this time around.

    As far as CW goes, I really don't have very many ideas. What is the average power-level of our enemies?
    I saw that fairly recently, but figured it was too late for Civil War. If not, I might have to whip together a sign up sometime in the next few days!

    I'll think about it, but I'm not sure if I can bring myself to reboot Nocchi and Gigas. I'm not sure I want to change anything about them or simply rewrite their developments. But we'll see! I will think about it. Do you have any general suggestions to round out the group a bit?
    Sort of!

    The holidays have kept me pretty busy, but I'm playing around with some ideas. I'm trying to figure out the planetary repercussions of depleted oceans, limited freshwater supplies (hoarded by the Imperial Capital), and how we can build a swashbuckling, high-flying adventure into a grand epic with the fate of the world in the balance.
    No, they aren't. But I've heard stranger first names before, and I had her dad be American so... I changed the last name, but I thought the first name could slide.
    So is Civil War dead in the water? I know I'm still interested, but maybe a short haitus is needed for life to settle down for other players. Just an idea.
    I'll PM them to you tomorrow evening after my work shift. Work blindsided me middle of this week and tonight just got weird.
    Hey, I was wondering if I'd be allowed to refine Titus's profile a bit. Since putting him through a few senarios now, I've come up a few more details to make him a better character or reword with better descriptions for the other players to see.

    Also, I'd like to throw a few ideas I've been brainstorming about my characters in your direction to make sure it meets your approval and mesh with the setting of Civil War. Have a good night!
    School is the death of me and I am unable to actually find time outside of homework and writing a bit to finish replies for Civil War. I'm sorry but I think I need to drop out. Damn.
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