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  • Oh! What's your friend code? I'm actually sharing a 3DS with a friend of mine, but this is what ours is:
    3625 - 8615 - 4326
    No, I didn't... I can be pretty bad about replying to people in a timely matter. With school and XY's release, I am not on here as often as I was.

    hehe, I have a couple of midterms to study for, we shall see if I can resist the pokemanz. As of late, I've caught a Skrelp, reared her up to the level of her comrades, and just challenged and won the... umm... 6th gym? The one in that quaint little town with the mushrooms. Have you heard of chain fishing? If you fish consecutively, your chances of getting a shiny drastically increase.... I caught a shiny Horsea, my first legitimate shiny pokemon since the RSE days hahah.

    Sounds like a swell team... I like Lucario, but as I don't plan on using it this playthrough, I felt like a jerk boxing it after the showy Mega evolution introduction. What's your team now, how many badges do you have?
    hahah I only have two badges with quite a few hours. Right now, I'm raising Frogadier, Whirlipede, Fletchinder, and Honedge... they probably have poor IVs because the next route is hammering us left and right. Curse the gods! But it's so much fun, I'm having a great time. Will definitely continue to play the game slow, so I can savor the main story for as long as I can. Who is on your team?

    Yeah, I'm a bit behind in a couple subjects, too... we'll see if I can ambitiously catch up this weekend, despite Y being less than two feet away... D: It calls to me.
    Yeah i made a new one and started to come back on more. Not much im just just messing around on here thats all
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