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Recent content by kanrasan

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    Mega Evolution Discussion & Speculation Thread

    Tbh, it wouldn't make sense for something as big as mega evolutions to get benched after 1 gen.
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    Hi new here

    Welcome to the forums. Hope you enjoy your stay!
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    Dawn/Hikari fan club v4 [Warning: images may be over 500 kb]

    New member here. I have always had a soft spot for dawn since platinum was my first ever game, and dawn was pretty much the first character I played. I personally found her very charming in the anime, and she's probably one of the reasons why I think the Sinnoh saga was one of the best. Also...
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    General Anime and Manga Discussion: Because Why Not?

    Sorry, meant to say third season lol. Also I would recommend checking out the second season, since imo it is a bit better than the first.
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    Hello - I'm new!

    Good explanation. However, for EVs, I would also like to add that there is something called pokerus. Pokerus is extremely rare (1 in 21,845 chance, so even more rare than a shiny) but it is very useful. What it does is that it doubles the amount of evs a pokemon gets. For example, a normal...
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    What does a show need to have in order to be considered an anime?

    Does the author have to be Japanese, though? Is it not considered anime if it is made by a Japanese person who lives outside of Japan? What if the author is someone who isn't Japanese, but lives in Japan?
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    First ever competitive team

    Slash on Escavalier is a waste. Not only does it have no coverage, but it doesn't have STAB either. Poison jab is okay, but it relies too much on you getting a poison effect on the opponent, which might not happen in the most important moments. Poison doesn't offer much coverage, either. Poison...
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    Greetings and Salutations!

    Welcome to the forums! This is a little late, but I hope you have had a nice time around here so far. I think you'll fit right in, though, since you're obviously a Pokemon veteran and have been lurking for quite a long time. :P
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    Hello - I'm new!

    Evs and Ivs are confusing. It took me a year to finally understand them hue. As for the Arceus codes, what I would recommend is to go here: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?618211-Event-Trading-Thread if you can't find anything there, there are lots of trade boards online (ex...
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    whats up turds

    welcome back m8. also i am not a turd, im a queen.
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    What does a show need to have in order to be considered an anime?

    For example, series like RWBY are not considered anime. However, like most anime, it is animated, and the author himself referred to it as an anime. Yet whether or not it is an anime is a controversy among fans. The same applies to shows such as Avatar: The Last Airbender. Therefore, I ask: what...
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    General Anime and Manga Discussion: Because Why Not?

    tfw sao gets a live-action tv series but neither noragami nor no game no life get a second season... kill me
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    Attack on Titan Discussion Thread

    Honestly, the AOT dub is not that bad. Some shows I actually prefer dubbed. you guys give the dub too much hate ;/
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    Pokémon Sun & Moon - Hopes and Wish lists

    someone has probably said this, but multiple save files would be cool. probably wont happen, but it'd still be pretty lit