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    The Pokemon Questions Thread Again!

    Although that one does look highly suspect, you can have a legitimate 6 IV shiny Naganadel. They are guaranteed to be at least 3, but the other three can also be flawless. I for one SRed for a decent nature Marshadow in Sun and got a 4 IV one, and I got a 5 IV Diancie from the first gen VI...
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    Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Speculation/Discussion Thread!

    All I'm wondering about is how the Poketch will work. The original games had a heavy focus on it, with all extraneous mechanics put on it. I know we have SwSh, which has the Rotom Phone as the menu and it's just hidden away until you need it, but the Poketch being there at all times whether you...
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    ~ Official Pokémon News Discussion Thread ~ [POST POKEMON NEWS HERE]

    You say drastic change to town layouts, but what drastic changes would be needed? A clothing store would be it. Put a clothing store in one of the many doorless buildings that Sinnoh had in nearly every town and you'll be fine. They could make the Pokemarts clothing stores and move the actual...
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    Rare Pokemon/moves on pokemons

    My favorites are the two event Victini that each give a different set of signature legendary moves. One with Fusion Flare and Fusion Bolt; one with Blue Flare, Bolt Strike, and Glaciate. Also, V-create Rayquaza is a fun one.
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    Which G-Max Forms Are Worse than Dynamax Forms?

    I would personally say Charizard, as D-Max Charizard can set its own sun for Solar Power, and while trapping can be decent, a Sun-Solar Power-STAB boosted Max Flare is obscenely powerful, and so is Fire Blast after dynamax ends.
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    Which Pokemon should be of a different type than the current one?

    Only Magnemite and Magneton, which were given the steel type. They were changed because they were literally made of metal and to not be steel type would be impossible to justify. Since literally every other first gen Pokemon could justify not adding one of the new types, they didn't change them...
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    Which Pokemon should be of a different type than the current one?

    Every pre gen 6 Pokemon that received the fairy typing bar the Gardevoir and Mr. Mime lines were in the fairy egg group. Decently recently in the gear grinding thread I posted what I think was a good justification for each Pokemon in the fairy egg group that did not receive the fairy typing. I...
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    Pokemon Sword & Shield - HELP THREAD (Don't ask about Victini)

    Yes, any two compatible breeding partners have a chance to have a shiny offspring. Finishing the dex for whatever game you have will net you the shiny charm, making shinies easier to get in any fashion, be it wild or by egg. Also, breeding two pokemon with different origin countries increases...
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    Pokemon Ruby dry battery shiny Hunting

    SR shiny hunting in a dead battery Ruby is near impossible because the games RNG seed is fixed to be the same every time you turn it off with a dry battery. The battery randomized it but so it can't be randomized anymore. To really SR with a dead battery, you have to wait longer and longer when...
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    Things that grind your gears!

    This may be true, but they have also made getting PP refilled much easier. Entering a Max Raid battle fully heals your participant. In the first final tournament run you have access to your boxes and they fully heal after each battle. I don't remember a place in SwSh where I needed any PP...
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    Weird moves certain Pokemon can or cannot learn

    None of the Tapus get the tutor moves that benefit from their terrain. No Grassy Glide Bulu, no Expanding Force Lele, no Rising Voltage Koko. Fini doesn't get Flip Turn, but it wouldn't benefit from Misty Terrain and Fini really wouldn't use it much anyway.
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    The Isle of Armor & The Crown Tundra DLC - RUMOR & SPECULATION Thread [Spoilers]

    I would tend to agree that they are snowcones, but their names making reference to vanilla, at least to me, makes the ice cream cone comparison much more likely, especially since Vanillite's cone has waffling on it and it has the stereotypical ice cream cone top swirl that would be nearly...
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    The Isle of Armor & The Crown Tundra DLC - RUMOR & SPECULATION Thread [Spoilers]

    Honestly I remember a lot of hate for BW in the west as well. There was the issue of having no pre gen 5 pokemon available for the initial run-through, a lackluster, arguably the series' worst, set of starters, and hate toward new pokemon designs like the ice cream cones, the gears, and the...
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    Things that grind your gears!

    The rest of your points were neither here nor there for me, but I'd like to say something about these two. First, Torkoal is a pure Fire type. The only Pre Coalossal Fire/Rock is Magcargo. Second, they had an established way of determining what pre gen 6 Pokemon would gain the Fairy typing...
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    The Isle of Armor & The Crown Tundra DLC - RUMOR & SPECULATION Thread [Spoilers]

    Strong Grass, Dragon, fighting, reliable grass isn't horrible coverage, though I bred a shiny one in Sun with HP Fire IVs just in case hidden power makes a return with the same mechanics.