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  • I feel like I've seen your signature banner before. o_0 It's cute nevertheless and brings that autumn feeling that's finally coming.
    Same except having fun juggling procrastination and well these forums too. At least this year's going fine, woo~

    Glad to see you're still alive though. 8D
    Sorry I went so long without answering after last time; I'm still not used to this feature and kinda forgot about it. ^^;; How have I been? Not bad, not bad. School-wise, I'm on rather thin ice, but I'm getting help. Online-wise, I... uh, honestly did not stay in touch with anyone other than Jane for almost a year before returning to the thread. xD
    I started your request already, though I'm totally doing my own pose for them ^^; sowwy. *stalk stalk*
    HI, KANTA! =D

    Er, I do hope I'm doing this right; this feature wasn't around the last time I was here (goes to show just how long it's been...).

    So, anyhoo, how's life been treating you? Are you still in touch with the others? I've been out of the loop for so long I barely know anything anymore! [tears hair out]

    ... okay, I'm calm now. ^^;; So, yes, feel free to respond at your leisure.
    It has been a while. Eh, just surviving the last year of high school and well, SPPF as usual. I noticed all the old Hoennshippers have returned out of the blue. What made you want to come back?

    Thanks! I will bring justice to the forums! >=D -bricked-
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