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  • Yeah, but not because of the acting, but because of mainly the music being replaced. SMH
    I thought their dub BGM was decent for the most part surprisingly in M17.
    You already finished rewatching all of AG? I remember when I did that like last year, good times. Most of the nerve inducing moments for me are from OS Ash, not all his fault, but stuff like the Indigo League ref saying that sleep = KO is just bad...

    I guess love isn't a focus for him right now like you said, he does want to fufill his dream first and then actually figure things out about love. Heck, for all we know, he doesn't want to start a romantic relationship before fulfilling his dream because if they were to break up, his motivation for his dreams and passions would be nothing. Just taking a wild guess.
    Cool, I like the Trainer Battle theme more myself.

    It wouldnt be right having him excluded. I suppose it could be one of Lysandre's Pokemon, sent to spy on things. I can name characters who are badass without needing to be so bland.

    I remember that, such a funny episode and a good one too.
    Which of the tracks are your favorites so far?

    At this point, he's gonna be. Shame too cause I'd prefer Ash over Alain because the latter is just so dull and boring. Maybe Lysandre will have Alain enter the league using an invitation or something else so Alain doesn't need badges, then Lysandre fixes the league so Ash and Alain would battle.
    I suppose so. For me, it depends on the way the romance is presented, if I like both characters, and so on.

    Agreed. His whole character is what bugged me, it's like he's more of a love interest than rival and I don't like ContestShipping so...you get the idea.

    That was hilariously classic you mean.

    Ah I see. That's good to know, I might watch it myself one of these days.
    Pretty much the same with me. Ursula was the best out if the bunch, but that's not saying much. Eh...I personally hated Drew as a character, as a rival he's fine, but character wise, nah. Harley was hilarious. They just let them go too early, all of them could've been awesome, like even as good as Paul or better, but nope.

    Really? Even there? But the lines for the ORAS preorders were filled with teens or adults in Japan... It's certainly very complex all in all, so they're just judging it from the cover.
    Exactly, that's what I and many others think about it. I mean just look at the fillers for proof, they're hardly enjoyable and the rivals other than Paul, Conway, and maybe someone else, were done terribly. It's kinda why I think it's the worst saga in the anime.
    Yeah, that would've been much better. Honestly the one we got was decent, I think a Kanto character like Lance who already appeared in Johto was out of place. Steven would've been a much better choice or Wallace, maybe even both.

    Nah, it's just a couple DP Fanboys and that one May hater.
    Same here, they were done pretty poorly by the end. I wish they were more threatening overall as well.
    Don't remember how typical 4Kids music sounds like, but I can guess it's very action oriented. Yeah so would I, it was a more spooky episode than the usual filler .
    You mean the Abandoned Ship episode? I don't quite remember the dub music used in the dub of that episode, but I'm guessing it was more action sounding?
    Well...I kinda hoped Ash's Sceptile would return, Clemont would have his father's Blaziken, and then Serena could complete the set with Swampurt. It's only a dream with 0.1% happening anyway.
    Well May got a Bulbasaur and Squirtle for FR/LG promotion, Dawn got a Cyndaquil egg for HG/SS promotion, so why can't Serena get a Mudkip for OR/AS promotion?
    I don't know, it'd make sense but I'm still hoping she gets a Swampurt down the line to promote ORAS.
    Serena and Pancham in a section of Pokemon Fan Magazine:

    Yeah, I kinda feel they didn't live up to May as much as I'd like, but Dawn is still good in her own right personally. At least it's in the first year as well. Yup, it's been confirmed a while go however.
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