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  • To answer your question about badge quests, you don't have to get a shiny starter. Most people do but I've seen a lot of people opt out especially for the 4th gen/5th gen games where sr-ing starters can take such a long time. Good luck on your badge quest!
    Hey how have you been? I ended up getting my shiny Zangoose and haven't had time to do much else with Pokemon while trying to finish the Japanese Vers of BW2. How have you been?
    no problem i'd love to trade a lillipup with you. what pokemon are you thinking of using for your project. maybe i can be the first one to trade.
    i've got 6 different countries registered so you can take your pick. let me know when you get a store approved. we can link to each other. :)
    Now is good. I'll be on Smogon with the same name as here plus a [TPL] tag.

    EDIT: Make that PO's server; Smogon doesn't seem to be letting anyone in atm.
    Hey KantoMasta, after seeing your post in Sigless Squad Submissions in the PASBL forum, I'd like to point out that Staravia and all Sinnoh and Unova Pokemon do have "stat's except they're called Species Characteristics in the ASB (SC for short). They can be found on the Kush-E-Mart in the PASBL Forums on the other board of PASBL, UPN. Also, I'd like to point out that everyone is allowed to have 13 pokemon in their starting squad. We're not limited to 6 like the games.
    sorry completely forgot about our conversation cuz i wasnt allowed on my computer for a while. still cant use my DSi so i cant trade now. ill pm you when i can trade
    I'm near 4k now and just ready to give up >_< how are you doing? I guess I will take a small break for now but it probably wont last long.
    I took a break from some hunting for tonight. I'm at 2000 encounters and still going. Just not feeling too hopeful yet like I did with Joltik at 3000. What did you mean about the power button? You randomly tap on it or something ? LOL. Well hope you get something tonight!
    Please offer in shop thread. Also what i want for the pokemon under the trading section can be found under "Wanted". I will accept no other for my trade offers.
    Pokés like ralts are prices for nature breeding and nothing else.
    Okay well first you got to go to your trainer card. Then you flip it, you will see your play time. Hold that box, and scroll down. You will then be able to scroll down and see "Number of Wild Encounters" Write that down on your signature side of the card, then occasionally subtract the number you wrote versus your current number.
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