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  • Sorry, I'd gone offline before you sent the last message. I can be online for the next couple of hours so message me if you get a chance! Thanks
    Ooh lucky you =) that's fine, I completed my Pokedex a couple of months ago so I have everything. Pre evolutions and all lol. Just cos I could! So I'm 11 hours ahead then, hmm Could you be on tomorrow morning around 10 your time?
    Ok, well I suppose you don't ask you don't get. And I am a very nice person ;) I am going to be offline soon as it's getting very late. Its just gone 11pm here and I need my sleep. If you tell me the 3 that you would like the most and I'll get back to you tomorrow. Also what time zone are you in?
    Just Unova starters? Or everything? Can I just ask why you decided to message me? Not meaning anything by it, just wondering.
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