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Recent content by ~Kari~

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    Wow! Long time no see! :D

    Wow! Long time no see! :D
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    Cutest Pokemon, eh?

    Vulpix, Eevee, Turtwig, Mew, and Dratini.
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    What is your favorite regional Bird/ Rodent?

    Bird: Swellow/Noctowl Rodent: Linoone
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    Ugliest Pokemon?

    Heatmor, Regigigas, Emboar, Magmortar, Garbodor, Lickylicky, Lickitung, Magnezone, and Conkeldurr.
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    Wooper's Woop-Tastic Shop!

    Aww, that's cute. :D Thanks!
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    Pokemon white keys

    I think you need to know someone IRL to trade the keys but I'm not sure. :/
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    Wooper's Woop-Tastic Shop!

    I would like a Chao from SW! Pokemon: Treecko What row?(look at link below): A Which one?(e.x the 5th to the left) 4th from the left Animation sign?: No thanks if so which one?: N/A Anything else?: Take your time, since your laptop is broken. :)
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    (Least) Favourite in-game battle

    I think this belongs here, in Pokepolls. My least favourite is Whitney. Dat Miltank...
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    Silly things you've done

    I gave my Salamence a Choice Band and taught it Dragon Dance. ^_^'
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    ShadowKreach's Fakemon

    Wow, these very creative. I love all the designs, especially the Ghost/Dragon and Snocerer. Miasmos is kind of creepy, but a good design nonetheless. I really like Melicious. I'm quite fond of badgers, it's a shame that there are no badger Pokemon. Amazing job! :D
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    Legendaries Speculation/Discussion Thread

    Yveltal looks like a Dark/Flying type. Xerneas could be a Ground/Psychic, or Steel/Psychic. I think the Z legend will be Water/Something. It looks like they are based off of Norse mythology. I hope so, that would be awesome.
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    Count to 100 before a mod posts!

    14 Crobat is cool.
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    You're Banned 5.0 (Rule update: 09/08/14)

    Banned for posting.
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    What's your deal breaker?

    Anyone who isn't honest and respectful to me, is arrogant, tries to change me, and smoking.
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    How were you introduced to pokemon?

    My friend told me about it, and I thought it sounded interesting. I bought Pokemon Platinum and Emerald and tried them out, and I've been hooked ever since.