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Recent content by Karpi

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    World-building; how do you do it?

    If you want to know how authors seem to have a perfectly-crafted world that makes sense, here's why: They write the whole thing beforehand for themselves so as to get the plot down, impose order on the plot (which becomes your world), then start to write the version that the public will see and...
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    What are your type specialties, and why are you not so good at?

    Well, I do love my water types, but I am nothing without my cute little bug types either! Those are usually the types that have pokemon I fall in love with. A little below them would be the cute basic stage birds, some of the weird normals types, and any of the ones with a big happy face like...
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    How do YOU play the games?

    I usually catch things that I deem cute. For example, I picked Tepig as my starter because he was the cutest, I ran around in the grass for like ten minutes searching for Munna because he was cute, and I caught a Maractus because he was a happy dancing cactus! Eeh! And then I also had Tympole...
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    BW053 - Satoshi & Dent VS Subway Masters

    I have a feeling that they might try to make it a "cool-looking" battle, as in the animation style of battles usually shown in movie intros... I don't know how better to explain this... For this reason I think Ash could use Tranquill and Cilan could use the crab, despite it getting 100% of...
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    Similarities: Ash's Infernape and Trip's Gurdurr

    Actually, maybe they did make it Gurdurr that loses on purpose. I mean, we all think that ice cream is a weak pokemon, so to make Trip threatening they shouldn't show ice cream losing all the time, whereas we all know Gurdurr will evolve into a powerful pokemon
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    Love for All the 649

    Some of my favorite pokemon ever are considered bad! The pokemon team I bonded with way back in Sapphire version was Chimecho, Armaldo, Milotic, Glalie, and Camerupt, all of which are apparently bad. I don't think so! Armaldo was my most-used pokemon ever. He could fit into almost any...
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    Wally, Cheren, Bianca = NOT MAIN CHARACTERS OF PokeSpe

    Wally had a fairly important role, though. Plus he took care of a main character's pokemon and had a starter for quite a while. Sounds exactly like what the "real" main characters do. Okay, so he disappeared for a while. It's not like Crystal never did that...
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    Moves that Pokémon should learn, but don't (as of yet)

    Bronzor cannot learn Mirror Coat, despite BEING A MIRROR. It's japanese name is even DorMIRROR. Then its evolution, Bronzong, who is based on a bell, cannot learn Heal Bell. Unless it isn't really a bell, but that's what I thought. Kecleon cannot learn Camouflage, despite being a chameleon...
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    Pokeathalon vs Contest vs Musical

    The RSE Contests were so much fun - these easily win. My Pelipper got all the ribbons! I was so proud because of how hard it was to win the Master Rank contests. Then the Sinnoh Contests came along and ruined everything that was good about the old ones. Nobody cares about the dumb dressup and...
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    [CHECK FIRST POST] BW044 - DON Battle! (Part 4 Discussion ONLY)

    If Palpitoad evolved it could set up a possible subplot with Oshawott being jealous of Seismitoad's power... OT: I don't want Iris to win the whole tournament unless Axew evolves. Otherwise Excadrill is carrying her whole team and it seems lame.
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    Ash's stationary Pokèmon in-team

    I thought it was obvious that everything is fair game outside of Pikachu and (likely) Mijumaru. Actually, they could rehash Ash's Aipom and make Mijumaru go crazy if Ash leaves it there - this does seem like a viable episode plot. So scratch that, outside of Pikachu, EVERYTHING is fair game.
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    Official Black & White Help thread (Ask your questions here)

    Basic question: Can you get the Larvesta egg immediately after getting Surf? Or it it exclusively post-game?
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    Multiple Pokemon with the same Type

    How on earth do you have a KANTO water team?? Before you can Surf, you can ONLY get Blastoise and Vaporeon - this is assuming you don't want the other starters or Eevee forms. EDIT: I guess you can get Magikarp too.
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    Gaps in Evolution?

    I'm pretty sure whoever this was in response to just got owned.