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  • look we better set up a time to do this trade other wise im gonna call it off cause your never on to trade you have two days from now ill be on pokemon the next two days so when you see me on send a trade after two days if we have not traded then i will take you off my friend list and the trade is canceled due to you never being on make your mind up do you want the mega stone or not
    hey i can change games and trade if you come online again then we can get this done
    ok my fc is 1590-5990-3906 i've add you just send me a trade when we are both on then i'll give you the stone see you on line so the deal is you trade me hoopa i give you the mega stone see u on line
    ive got the mega stone you want i would like the hoopa in return plz plz let me know if you still need or want the mega stone thanks then ill tell you my fc
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