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  • It's something you have to get used to with them X_x

    Now that one makes more sense as a first choice.
    No no no you didn't do anything. I was just pointing out.
    I likes envious people :< (I really hope that didn't sound creepy)
    V I know it's alot ,but hey you said how many pokemon games I have played and that's all of them. In total it's 36.
    I have played red, green, yellow, gold, silver, crystal, fire red, ruby, emerald, sapphire, leaf green, diamond, platinum, heart gold, soul silver, black, pokemon trozei, pokemon ranger, shadows of almia, guardian signs, pokemon mystery dungeon red, blue, PMD explorers of time and darkness, explorers of the sky, pokemon rumble, pokemon battle revolution, pokemon "Hey you pikachu!", pokemon stadium 1 and 2, pokemon snap, pokemon channel, pokemon XD gale of darkness, and pokemon trading card game for the gameboy.
    Meh White and Black just sound the best. Then again all the characters from the pokemon games that never showed up in the anime always had the version names. Like with HG/SS the female was Silver (I think) and the male was Gold (I think)
    I wuv mawile :3 It's my most favorite steel type :D
    I love your avatar too. Hilda and Resiram (Or how ever the balls you spell it)
    Did you know that the black and white male character's name is Hilbert? And the female character is Hilda?
    Now I don't see how me being a guy would matter. IT'S ALL IN THE GENES or something I don't bloody know.
    Everyone is my family like my grandfather and my great grandfather were very tall. So I'm kinda taking after the tall side of my family.
    HA I'm almost taller and/or taller. I win. I WIN!!! O:<
    Not like it really matters. I don't care how tall or how a person looks at all.
    All I care about is the person. Their personality. Ya know?
    o_O" Whoaaaa.

    And I'm going to guess that therefore your favourite singers/bands/artists are Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Paramore, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Pink, The Fray, Maroon 5, Coldplay and Jessie J.
    Fun? What is this fun you speak of?
    Listening to music is always good, and I luuuurve reading, I like drawing too but haven't drawn in a while, and writing is enjoyable too :]
    What about you? [If you say the same things...]
    Yeah, I played Blue, though I can't remember how old I was xD Seriously, apart from the whole Collingwood problem you have, we are the same person.
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