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  • Oh great, thanks~ :)
    I don't think the applications are necessary, since those have to be posted in the thread anyways, but definitely the rules and info on current and past tourneys would be great.
    I use serebiitrinityleague@gmail.com for the googledoc; you're welcome to use that too.
    Just yesterday I switched to that salamence, it's a physical wall staller with iron defense intimidate roost and also is my defogger since no one would expect it usually, outrage was it's last move, self caught on platinum with cap ivs, also changed defog to roost on scizor
    I know but that wouldn't matter cause ghat entei still would have beat it 11th before she'll smash since it would have hit with sacred fire maybe burned then burn damage and then extreme speed would have killed it with the previous damage
    np just wish the flamthrower didnt burn, that attract didnt get me the one time i needed it and that i hit gorebyss with sacred fire then i wouldnt be raging right now, good luck with your'e next gym battles though, i havent gone to get one in almost a month, gg
    That hax is bs, I missed a 95 accuracy sacred fire, got 10% flamethrower burn and you have attract. .......
    dont worry about.. its defo the game itself since we both didnt go offline when it ended like that.
    so i will not record that match as a lose but i will give you a rematch another :)
    Sadly, I am unable to provide you with any names of people who would be interested in doing roleplay through IRC. Also, I use the same name throughout forums, IRC, and other means of media. So it would be Slipomatic on the IRC, but I haven't touched it in a very long time. I don't know what to suggest to bring more people into trying it out. I really don't know anywhere else where your suggestion might have attracted some curious users. I would say try some of those free-to-play forum sections and post in the off topic section, but I wouldn't know how well it would be recieved. (That and the type of people lurking in those forums. *shudders*)
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