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  • Hey. I agree totally with you what you said in that fic ideas thread.
    I'm writing a fic. too.
    And what if its journey fic.
    1000 fics on these forums are journey type.
    I sent you my friend request:)
    Ummmm... in that case, you might not want to read it. Paul ends up getting schooled in the both of the DP stories I'm working on right now- by Brock in one and by both Riolu and Hunter J in the other.

    I admit it, I like Hunter J. By "like", I mean "am impressed by". This woman is stone-cold, ruthless, and possibly a sociopath. She is one of the most intimidating characters in the entire run of the series. I doubt she'll ever show up as one of the good guys, unlike TR. When I write her, she will always be one of the bad guys, and if she does help Our Heroes, she does so because she will benefit.
    Funny you should say that- I'm working on a fic along those lines. It doesn't go so well for Paul. (Riolu destroys his Pokeball and kicks Paul in the face, among other things.)
    You totally need to PM me when you post it! (Paul's my favourite character and Riolu's one of my favourite pokemon, so this wins) XD
    sooooo you like history huuuuuuhhhhh, well for being the age you are i'm glad that you enjoy pknm like the rest of use. do you wont to be friends?
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