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  • Hey, saw your response to the post I made before my most recent one in the Mafia; thanks for the well-wishes, I really appreciate it.

    I'm feeling mostly better now, in case you're wondering.
    I'm doing pretty well. Slowly inching towards graduation, lazing around in the heat. How about you?

    And thanks! Hope you enjoy it. I'm looking forward to checking your stuff out as well. I'm a bit behind on my fanfic reading (...a big bit), but I'll be getting back into the swing of things soon.
    Aha, well, I'm afraid "silent" would be a good way to describe it. We're definitely in the middle of a slow time. But Sike Saner recently returned from a long hiatus, and a few other old faces have been popping up with new works or just to say "Hi," so there's been some positives as well.
    KK! I looked into the 'Castle of the Vampire King', but it has just been too long since I last RP'd, and I have a terrible track record of keeping up with these. I also need to work the Big Bang fic, which is coming along steadily, at least!

    I'll keep an eye on the progress you guys make though! ;u; Man, this brings back memories...
    XD Wow.

    I'm doing fine. I'm a bit bored out of my mind right now, but I'm trying to get back into writing.
    Happy birthday, katie!

    By the way, did you purposefully put the year 2011 in your date xD? I saw it on the bottom and went "Whaaaa?"
    What about eskmo kiss. And I wasn't saying my house would be messy, I was saying I'd help you for a hug. Yep.

    I adopted a cat named Harley back in December. Was at the pet store, walked by and she reached out her paw out at me and it was just soooooo cute. Then in July I found an add asking to adopt an older cat named, because the old lady that had him doctor told her the fur was getting bad for something she had. So now they live with me and my turtle who I;ve had since 4th grade named Blastoise.

    If I knew you'd have been that quick to hug me I should have said kiss and held out for one.

    Hope you had fun in doing whatever you needed to do.

    Clean up my place a bit. Moved some stuff around and still have a bit to do. Like put all the old Pokemon toys back on the self, although my youngest cat's pretty much saying once you're done I'm knocking them down.

    I'll do it for you for a hug.

    Thanks, get that a lot.

    Sounds boing, but at least you're fine. I'm good thanks just sitting here debating if I should clean up or not.

    Btw, I see you've been here since 2005 like me. I take it you're also one of the member sin their 20s like me

    Hmm Interesting. Your join date is august 2005. But you where born in october 2010... which can only mean one thing. Time travel!
    Should be with you pretty soon. I've tried to make the three major events in the chapter link together. I'm going camping next Saturday with my mum, stepdad and boyfriend. We'll camping in Cornwall, and it will probably be my last holiday for the year. The last holiday I went was camping in Devon which was fun as well.
    Hi! My name is Ducklett12 and I was wondering, what kind of Fanfics do you write?

    I'm writing Pokemon Fan Fics ^_^
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