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  • Aw, I miss talking to you too! (hugs) Have any plans for the summer? ^^;

    Well, at the moment the banner is in the process of being made by Glajummy (not sure if you know him, though ^.^; ) Also, can't believe I got all part one of NE posted. o_O What's weird is on the original version of NE I stopped right when I finish part one of it. XD
    Katie! =D How are you?

    Want to say sorry that I'm not going to use that banner you made for me on Christmas. Um...the thing is I kind of want both Bunny and Jenny one it and also update it per say. The clock tower is not going to be used in the story. ^.^; Again, sorry about that and sorry if this upsets you.
    Oh yeah. "Sauce-gay" is gone crazy with power over controlling the manga...XD

    Yeah...I liked that arc, but I never read the manga version. Might need to go do that, actually...

    And absolutely. :)

    XD Like MWB? *is shot as well* That's why I want to compete rather than judge. :D

    No, I don't. I had an idea for a one-shot, but it's nowhere near the right way. We probably have at least two or three months though, I think.

    And sci-fi Akatsuki? I smell a winner. XD
    The new fiction is top-secret, and thus I will speak of it only in (stage) whispers. I will only say that readers of some of my prior works will enjoy a relief from the exploding corpses and deeply disturbed psyches. Matters and people will be ugly as usual but not homicidal.

    In the list of single endeavors that are looking to be as much as or more of a hell of a project as finishing Aftershock, it would be safe to say Sayonara is a good bet. (Along with some of Tolkien's unfinished works and the Grand Unified Theory of quantum physics.)

    It will be entertaining to see a Sayonara one-shot; develop those characters more than they already are. --[sentence breakdown]
    Oh yeah? Great! Going to post it here, I wonder?

    Katsu is explode, I think. I remembered it from Deidara always saying it when he blew up one of his clay sculptures. XD

    Yeah...not really. When that kind of stuff happens, I usually just skimp and write a short version. x_x And I'm sure it'll happen again. It always does. XD

    Oh yeah. And I will, for sure. Saw that you got your judging done, nice job. Now everyone will remember that you weren't the last one to be done. *is shot by MWB* Now I just need a Sci-Fi/Fantasy idea now...

    XD I'm about to watch the latest one...and see how Sasuke gets a new MS, looks like. x_x Ah well, Sasuke is a pretty good manga. All they need to do is change the name and they'll be set. *sighs*
    That's a confusing sentence you have there in those asteriskxes(is).

    Aftershock progresses by the rate of about a paragraph per week, but Aye can about say that Aye am making progress. The only problem is that I have to wrestle most of the plot points into position repeatedly and then watch for about a day in case they go away. Also my heart keeps leaping to the next fiction I'm planning,

    How about you? Any advancements on Sayonara? Any new one-shots you might be considering? (I expect, of course, your tests must be quite something to handle without added projects.)
    There we go. Knew it would work. ;)

    Heh, that's good I guess. A week's better than nothing I suppose. And MWB isn't done with the judging either so it's not that big a deal. Of course, the second this one's done LX is starting his, then Psychic is lined up...but no pressure or anything. lol

    Meh, I wrote a review last night and I accidentally deleted it. Which I had to rewrite. x_x

    Just fine, in fact. And lol, I agree completely. Although...right now FC is on indefinite hiatus (sounds better than I don't have time to write it right now. :p). Hopefully I can get that fixed here once I get caught up with the other couple of things buzzing around on my head.

    XD Nakey Sasuke and snakes? Haha, I guess. Although Orochimaru does something different to Katsu (funny name, I know o_O) in the next chapter.

    Pretty well, I guess. There's been this one-shot that's been nagging me all week that I'm getting close to finishing. Then I need to get back to TEN. lol You?
    Hey there. Still in your self-imposed exile, I guess? lol I guess I'll just start spamming your page until you come back.

    I feel doing so is not appropriate for a future god. I have to do everything I can to achieve immortality, omnipotence and perfection, eh? Not that I've gotten any closer to anything, but whatever. Life is a sadistic bugger, really.

    On several occasions I have considered sending random derogatory private messages to myself in the past.
    Very expansive tests, I guess. On 'ccount of the wasting of the time I got a passable and often envied score, but one that I felt was absolutely mediocre and despicable. Ah well. I'll try and stop the laziness next time.

    I act more immaturely than I think I should. But it's probably rather less than I should. 'Tis too much fun, really, I agree. Especially the partially deformed aspect of it.
    Uhhh... I'm probably younger than you are. From my estimate, two years. (TRUE CONFESSIONS =O :O)

    In fact, *hides under bomb shelter*, I took two weeks off for revision on my last annual--six tests--and wasted about three-quarters of them. But I really shouldn't be saying all this because it must be so comforting to you and it really does make me guilty. ):

    Dear gods, your visitor message to yourself is the most holy thing done in all of history.
    ...I'm attempting to translate that sentence sheerly by tracing the few French elements I know with their position in the sentence. There's something about your opinion being that French is something to be detested. I wonder why English and French, practically twins, have so few common elements. -.- I can barely pick out something that might be evolved Latin, but might not be.

    22 tests? :O I've done well with six for three years now--but then my age is not quite as much as one would come to expect.
    Nicely unstable in my stagnancy, thank you. As it appears, you have the liberty but not the prudence to come online?
    You seem to be quite active at this point, so I think I should populate this profile a little. Greetings.

    EDIT: Or not. I suppose you'll recieve this when you next check it.
    To all who visit: I am gone for the next month. Don't expect to see much of me. I haven't forgotten the competition, so no spazzing, and I'll get them in soon. Just give me time. x3

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