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  • The trip has been good so far, though I was in the hospital the night before the wedding. But everything seems to be recovered. Thanks for asking! I still have three more days to go :D

    I'll have to check out the Elizabeth one-shot when I have more time. Thanks for the heads-up. :)
    Remember when I posted that scene in the "post a scene thread" and said I'd tell you when I started posting the story? Well, Dark Pawn is up now.
    I'm considering doing another scene for that topic, but I can't decide between doing something else from The Chosen or doing something from my fantasy novel series. Decisions decisions! And yeah, you nailed what part of my problem is with The Chosen...I'm so enamored of where the characters end up going, I get almost bored doing their early stories. LOL. I just want to get into the meat later on! I actually thought if I DID write the later stuff I want to, it will motivate me to write the early stuff more.

    I love stream of conscious-y stuff. So no problem there. I think it's the most fun way to write, and I think it's very enjoyable to read. The only problem is getting proper description in.
    Yeah. I know where I'm applying already but still nervewracking - especially if my AS's aren't what I want to get to consider going on some of the courses.
    I haven't yet posted Dark Pawn, I make it a personal policy to have a five chapter buffer before I start posting a story. And I'll probably only post it on Fictionpress (and maybe Fiction Master later) when I do, probably this Friday. I've already got a sizable following on FP, and posting it in the non-pokemon fic section won't net me many new readers, not to mention it's a hassle with all the other stories I have to update. If you want, I can let you know when I start posting.
    Thank you for your kind words regarding the scene I wrote. Sorry for the unsolicited VM, but I wanted to thank you for your words on that scene. Those characters are ones I came up with about 13 years ago, and have plotted out to heck and back. They start off in high school, and that scene comes from a series I envisioned would be called "PrimeWorld", and it takes place when the characters are in college. It marks the major shifting point of the series from [mostly] light-hearted and fun to very angsty and serious. I often think I should just write the PrimeWorld arc out because I've always wished I could skip straight ahead to it.

    Another thing I meant to say about your first scene is I usually don't love the use of italics (either for emphasis or internal thought), but I actually liked it there a great deal. It just flowed better than I think the font switch usually does. Good job making me appreciate italicizing. :)
    Thanks, I'm hoping it will be too! And I've just updated an RP post too. Urgh, time to stop writing for a little while! XD
    The RP is a world of Pokemon before modern technology. Apricorns to catch Pokemon, the only gym system is in Tohjo, and co-ordination doesn't exist. it's a relatively new thing to be a proper trainer.
    I enjoyed it very much. it's very interesting and I'd like to see more of it. A fic itself maybe? *hint hint nudge nudge* unless there is already one and I'm being a fool. Sorry I didn't reply, I'm working on my RP! Hoping to get it up soon!
    Almost. The area in the story is split into three countries, the largest being called Raisos. Raisos is one with no centralised government, or, was. The largest city has started a government that do dictate social life in the city, and have slowly started invading other territories within Raisos. Despite the war, the other tribal towns seem fine to let the fight ensue, and eventually, as they fall, they do start banding together. After a rapid growth in one area, another city has formed and set up a huge defence against the oncoming army.

    The story starts one night during a siege on said city, and the protagonist is on sentry duty. Placed there last minute, he is tired, and falls asleep, leaving his gate open. Army gets in under cover of darkness and destroy a section. he is banished into the wilderness of Raisos. I've got more plot, but ain't saying more. I'm staying quiet on it XD.
    Wow, I have a lot to take in from that xD well to be honest, I'm gunning for either History or Creative Writing, but preferably the latter. The Phoenix Will Rise is my only story I'm working on, but over Summer I'm beginning my actual Fic. Not named yet, but it's set in a futuristic Earth, where civilization, despite very advanced tech, has returned to tribal lifestyle.
    Fair enough. A Levels also. I'm starting My A2 year on June 12th. I'm currently reading Maximum Ride, but I'm not overly impressed so far, albeit only 50 pages in. I enjoyed Cujo and Duma Key, the most recent Stephen King books I've read. Curious Incident is such an amazing book, its in my box of personal favourites, along with a Darren Shan book, one of the Inheritance Cycle and a few other books from here and there.

    As for my writing, I'm very happy. People have noticed clearly the fact Alex just let my character stare and changed after she got his attention. that's for a very good reason. The key was to get his attention, not act ferocious and nasty. And she had to calm him down somehow XD
    Merry (late ;; ) Christmas to you tooooo <3 And it's alright, real life always gets the priority. Hope things aren't too hectic for you 8C I had a pretty good holiday too, you? 8>

    Yeah, we will >8X And no amount of real life work penguins will stop us. D8!
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