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  • Merry christmas again! And new year too as that's becoming more relevant now. =p

    If you were freezing you should come to Australia. =p We're having a cold summer by our standards and still having days of mid-20's C.
    Also, I just noticed something in Chapter 2 of The Ember Days. Elizabeth's cat is named Smudge. Is this an obscure "Warriors" reference, or am I looking too far into it?
    Well, our machine's task is to pop a balloon, which isn't too hard. However, we have to use at least one of a few different types of kinetic energy: Rotational, gravitational, (etc.) Should be fun though. Also, found this awesome Rube Goldberg machine video. Not computer generated, 100% legit.
    You'll find out how much I like it when I finish the review. And I've yet to complete a fic yet, haha. Though I'm only 0/1 in that category, with one currently in progress. And thank you for the "bump of awesome," lol.

    School for me is fine, freshman year of high school. I just wish they did midterms before break instead of after, so I wouldn't forget everything... I do have something interesting to do for Physics though. Create a Rube Goldberg machine. Luckily, it's a partner project, and I'm partnered with my neighbor who's in Honors Intro to Engineering and Design, so I'm pretty much set with that, lol.
    Hello, tipsykitten. ;p (BF drama? Oh my :eek:)

    I am alright though, just chilling at home with family on christmas eve. I trust you are well too... and merry christmas!
    You're online! Yay! I started the process of reviewing your fic. Will finish before dawn. And yes, old fic had far too many plotholes for me to fix easily. So a new fic rises out of the ashes, lol.
    Hey there. I'm actually almost done with Chapter 2 (!) of my current fan fic. And you know what? I'm going to read your fic and review it. Right now. Finally. Glad to see you back! And I've pretty much abandoned the Drabble thread for now to focus solely on my current fic. (Writer's block makes you do desperate things, lol.)

    EDIT: Noo!! Of course I get here a few minutes late. I was hoping to actually have a conversation with you, haha. Not a, "Tag! You're it!" Kind of deal. Oh well. I'll get to reviewing that now.
    I heard you're dropping out from Divine. I'll miss yoooooou 8< But work comes first, definitely. Hang in there, hopefully you get through everything soon! <3

    And we'll get out chance to rp together again eventually X3

    Also, if this day is your actual birthday... HAPPY BIRTHDAAAWEH <3
    Lol at Band-aid analogy. Things are good with me, but extremely busy. Which is why this message is so short. I have to go in a minute, lol.
    A little nutty, between job hunting, volunteering, and other things. But I know when it's all going to quiet down, so I'm weathering the storm.
    That's okay; at least I know where you went now. I hope things are going well for you (other than the work, of course)!
    *meaningful poke back*

    How's it going? I haven't seen anything from you in a while, but my new fic is up! (Prolouge and Chapter 1) Oh wait, I still have to review The Ember Days, don't I? *gulp* That's way overdue...
    Hi! Are you still interested in the Divine game? I'm checking on people who haven't posted during October, as the plot has moved ahead.
    I've sort of put them on the back burner for now because I'm focused on the new fic. I got a bunch of the first chapter done since I was home sick from school Wed-Fri. Now that I'm going back, I won't exactly have much time to write, but I plan on putting the time in to write a Drabble every now and then.
    Thanks! Yes, this story is going to have a lot more depth to it than the previous one... but I feel like I'm neglecting my Drabbles. Speaking of which, are you still colabing with ejunk?
    Oh, all right then. I was afraid that there was going to be... ROMANCE! (dun dun dun!) Well, I shouldn't say that I dislike it. After all, my last fic would've had some romantic elements if it didn't die... but I don't like it when it's over the top, which is what I was afraid of when I saw, "fantasy based romance with a Pokemon twist."
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