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  • KatieLegends! As I live and breathe! It HAS been a while, hasn't it, my part-Irish twin? I'm doing very well - haven't been on these forums for a while, I started university (college would be the US equivalent, I suppose) and just finished my first year. I've pretty much lived since then, and it's kept me busy for a while. Tempted to get back into fan fiction, since it's all good writing practice in the end, just need something to inspire me.

    Oh well. And I have seen your Ledgends of Emerald stories on your fanfiction.net account. (I have one, too)
    Hiya! So ya decided to come to Serebii, huh? I don't hang out here much, but let me know if you ever want to talk! Maybe I might come back. ^^
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