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  • Did you like VA talk show?
    Rica-san made sure everyone not to call her 'Matsumoto-san' but call her 'Rica-san' instead XD
    ALL 4 VAs own Y version too lol
    I think episode 2 of XY just showed that Serena's traveling goal is 'to be with Satoshi'
    I am talking about the scene where she talks to Rhyhorn.
    Sorry Katsu, but as a result of inactivity between June 11 and the time of this message, your claim on Pikachu on Claim A Pokemon 5.0 has been dropped.
    Haha yeah, Italy's just awesome. x3.

    You have stolen my wordss! Dx. But that is pretty awesomeee. I was surprised when I watched it at first actually. It seemed like something that they didn't have to put in, but I was glad they did. :D
    Yeah, I've really got to set aside some time in the future to watch some more... Dx. Who's your favorite characterrr? :3.

    Yeah! I forgot about that part. x3. I don't mind those kinds of fillers... They're not really fillers... Persayyyy!! :3.
    I've still yet to finish APH. :p. I'm trying to go slowly and enjoy it, and rewatching old eps!! :D. I'm not a huge fan of England, but I love his Hetalia song. xD.

    And and anddd~!@ When Satoshi is thinking of Hikari trapped by the Onix/Iwark, he freaks and runs into the maze. :3.
    Haha. xP. I've still a few APH episodes left. :3. Is World Series called HWS? xD.

    !!~1! Totally forgot that that was a filler. xD. DP046, the maze ep is pretty nice too. :3.
    Oh wow. I didn't think anyone would have noticed or recognized it! xD.

    I didn't think it would be that great either, it is basically a filler. :p. Sometimes fillers can surprise though. xD.
    Italy is just, so awesome. xD. How did you find out that I watch Hetalia? :p. *feels stalked* D'x

    You should! It's pretty awesome. Satoshi's posing is pretty funny too. xP.
    Everytime I see the word "pasta" now, I remember Italy's giant spaghetti sand sculpture. x3.

    That ep was actually quite a fun one, in my opinion. Takumi v Pochama was fun. :3. I wish they'd have more fillers like that. (Although now that we're in the League... xD)
    The pasta is mineee! Dx.

    The picture is from DP167. After they see Takumi playing with Pochama, and Takeshi explains that they're friends now and they've learned something by watching Hikari (or something like that), Satoshi says something like "That's true!", and strikes that "pose" and Hikari gives him that look. :3.
    Hiiiiiiii Katsu;; I am so sorry for the late respond o-orz How are you~?

    A-ah I'm pretty much on/off around here just lurking and all XD
    Heh, cool.

    Me, I'm thinking about the fic I should write for the PS-Day, since as a one-shot my story would end up probably too long. But I was thinking, should I leave Ash and Dawn at the age of 10 or maybe make them a bit older since they are on an deserted island?
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